Thursday, September 3, 2009

AQUINO IN THE SPIRIT OF EDSA (On Healing Our Country-The Philippines)

It was 2:00 am of August 1, 2009, I found myself thinking about President Aquino. I wondered if the people were praying for her to be healed physically or to have a peaceful transition. What a silly thought! But it was because I knew she was already passing over and she did at 3:00 am.

For the following days, thoughts came to me with an awe and joy for the lives of the Aquino Couple:

The Aquino Couple Are More Than Spiritual Partners

Their union, aside from raising their family was bounded by the love for the Philippines. They are the perfect example of having a mission for the humanity which is a real sign of spiritual partnership. Each one helped one another to conquer what each believed as their life contracts. The death of Ninoy did not stop late President Cory to continue her husband’s dream for the country. And to her surprise, she was led to the path. On her husband’s burial she realized the meaning of her husband’s words “The Filipinos are meant dying for.” With the 2million people who attended Ninoy’s burial, she was filled with the spirit to continue their life mission. Each one is a symbol.

There are many synchronistic events in their lives for the country. Both died in the month of August. If we will analyze further, Pres. Cory died in August 1, 2009 at 3:18am. That is equivalent to 08-01-2009 3:18. If we remove the 0s and put the numbers together that will be 81293818. If we re-arrange the numbers, that can result to 8-21-1983 which is the death of the late husband Ninoy Aquino.

Theirs is a real spiritual love that made each one found their spiritual paths. When one was able to find the life path in love, there is the real love story.

Yellow is The Etheric Color of the Philippines

Late Pres. Cory started the yellow fever. In human energy center, we deal with yellow as a color of the solar plexus. In this energy center we talk about will, truth, emotions, and self-dignity. Even Cory couldn’t really understand why she chose the color as her motif. Her Higher Soul or her deep faith in God led her to the color that Filipinos need.

Yellow deals with emotions and this is the level of energy that Filipinos need to develop as a nation. Late President Cory was strengthened by its emanation, fostering the needed will and living for the truth that she believed as a Filipino.

Issues of corruption, anger, and lost of self-identity are issues of the Filipinos and are the issues of this level of energy development. Pres. Cory fought over these with her yellow fever. The Philippines will still remain on this energy level unless healing and transcending of experiences are done. I may sound very esoteric, but so much for the red color in the social movement (it has lived its purpose), we need other colors.

EDSA is the Movement of the Heart

There had been a lot of calls to renew the spirit of EDSA after 1986. But very few realized the creation of EDSA. Though, other social activists may claim that it was a result of a long social movements against Marcos Dictatorship, the truth was it was a product of energy work - prayers and activation of the energy of the heart which is love.

Prayers and masses called by the Catholic Church for a clean and honest election and against the dictatorship stirred up the energy of change that it events orchestrated and led to a change. I still remember, the church actively reading pastoral letters and denouncing the unclean election.

Love for the country was the motivation of the Pres. Cory when she called for the support on the EDSA Uprising. It was also the same energy that motivated the people to go out in the street to join the uprising. No one brought guns. Instead of guns they brought flowers and food. Instead of loud angry chants, we saw people smiling and dancing. The energy of the heart and love multiplied the people.

The succeeding EDSA did not carry the same energy that it failed to bring the continuity of change. They forgot the energy build up of prayers and love.

Living In The Spirit of EDSA

If we are to live in the spirit of Edsa, we have to act out of love. As late Pres. Aquino had said, she was moved not out of vengeance but out of the will to continue the work of Ninoy for the country.

Acting out of love based on our experience with Pres. Cory brings unity. It brings joy, stability, and peace. It makes one more united and closer to faith and spirituality. It gives us hope that there can be change. It makes each one of us share a part of self for the love of the country. It makes everyone significant mover for change.

Let no one call for this EDSA without living in its Spirit!
Pres. Cory had lived this life and the EDSA Spirit to the fullest!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reiki for Skin Asthma

I just finished the five sessions of Reiki with Anna. Anna is a seven year old kid suffering from skin asthma. She had a weekly sessions of Reiki which started last July, 2009.

Anna first came to me with evident skin rashes on her neck, and arms. She was complaining and scratching all through out the healing session.

During the first healing, the following came to me as an intuitive reading: 1) the child had a pain-trauma when she was younger (1-3 yrs old) that she reacted with the rashes on the skin 2) the child is an advanced soul that she exudes a mature thinking on life. Her mother confirmed all the informations and that the healing was led not only to physical healing but a healing of soul experience.

On her next Reiki Session, her rashes dried up and Anna’s mood according to her Mom changed. She became more stable and happy. I used the crystals on this session. Anna became so amazed with crystals that I gave a set on her following session.

The healing continued for 5 weeks. During our last session she showed none of symptoms of the skin asthma. Her Mom is also attending the next Reiki Class to be a healer in her family.

A Reiki Blessings!

(This sharing can also serve as a beginning of sharing of information about the Skin asthma. Don’t hesitate to contact me. ) Lights and Love

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