Monday, May 23, 2011


I don't know, how exactly the medical world celebrates this mental health month. I wonder if the celebration is all about the drug wonders that claimed to treat mental illness or about the decreasing number of mental cases. However, what I know is that with the new and expanding definitions of mental illnesses or psychological cases, there is an increasing number of such.

I speak as a reiki practitioner (energy healer) and from the point of view of the energy medicine, there is no such thing as a physical mind that lies on the brain. What we called as a mind relates to the soul or to non-physical body called mental body or it could be the spirit. The concept of the mind that lies on the brain is a product of the human minds trying to physicalized something that is not physical. Let us remember that during the development of the allopathic medicine and newtonian science, everything has to seen within the physical concepts. Thus, relating the minds to the brain. Though the functions of the minds can be seen also on the physical brain, the latter does not dictates the functions of the the so-called mind.

Sorry, to say that one needs to study energy medicine, chakras, or esoteric teaching to understand the work of the mind. What we called as a mental illness will not be seen as mental illness on the view of energy medicine, as such can be a form of spiritual crisis, energy imbalances, tear on the etheric fields, possession,and other forms of spiritual emergencies. What is on the energy fields usually have manifestation on the physical body, and therefore also seen on the condition of the brain. These cases can only be addressed by spiritual healing or energy balancing and healing. Any drugs taken to address the symptoms of the so-called abnormal behaviour and mental thought process can work on the level of minimizing the symptoms at certain period of time but will not treat the cause of the illness. Why does the drug works at a certain level? It is because, the mental body (as a non-physical body) is so much connected to the physical body, but the mental body has its own characteristics and functions.

There is a growing number of so-called mental or psychological illness that goes with the evolution of consciousness of human beings. The energy fields of the earth is changing, and affecting a lot of people. Thus, manifesting extra-ordinary behaviour. The material world is in crisis with the misuse of media and technology, creating imbalances on the physical and thought process of people. With the outgrowing number, there is an expanded the definitions of abnormal behaviour that creates panic to all.

I have seen many cases of healing of the mental illness through energy healing, with and then later without drugs. The challenge is for the people to see that we are also a non-physical beings (mind, and spirit). Realizing this will help the humanity address the so-called mental illness and bring wellness to the spirit and physical body.

By the way, there is a good book on this --- written by Christina Groff called "Spiritual Emergency". Such a good book to understand some cases of mental illness.

Lights and love,