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This is the moment for me to write on ADHD. I have long been waiting for an inspirational moment to share something on Austim and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). 

Recent posts about Autism and ADHD  on Face Book inspired me. They are powerful whispers.  For this  topic, I will  focus first on ADHD.

Defining ADHD

The modern medical world has noticed and described what we termed now as ADHD in 1902. It was originally called " hyperkinetic impulse disorder".  Sir George, a British pediatrician described it as “an abnormal defect of moral control in children”. He noted that some affected children could not control their behavior the way a typical would, but they were still intelligent.  

In 1960 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) recognized it as a mental disorder and later, in 1968 was included in the second edition of Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM). The name was changed to ADD (attention-deficit-disorder) in the third edition of DSM (1980) with different sub types (with hyperactivity or without hyperactivity). The last name for the condition (which could or couldn’t be final) is ADHD (attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, DSM 1987). It meant to describe the condition with the presence of all or any of the hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness.

As an energy healer, I describe any of the above symptoms or condition based on the energy system or chakra system. All the behavioral symptoms have their roots on the energy level of a person.   Though I really don’t want to call the condition as a disorder for the sake of reference, I shall still use the word ADHD. For the case on ADHD, the following is the energy description:

*      In an ADHD person, there is an un-grounded and disturbed base energy center (usually gross energy) manifested on the inability to feel the reality or maintain in one position, attention, and general hyperactivity.

*      The sex energy center is under-developed which can be seen in the inability to stay on task.  Since, the base and the sex energy centers are not developed in a balanced way, the solar plexus energy center exudes disturbance (usually gross is felt).

*      Solar plexus is grossed or depleted. When grossed, one has impulsiveness or outburst of emotions.  When depleted, one has a distant or numbed emotion.

*      The heart energy center is underdeveloped which means the person is unable to maintain a healthy relationship or direct contact with others. This is caused by the condition of the solar plexus which relates to imbalanced emotions.

*      Forehead energy center which relates to vision and perception is enhanced or sometimes overstimulated. This is the reason why most of the ADHD are highly intelligent individuals.  There are lots of pictures or visions that are coming into one’s mind that there is a need to for the person to move to balance the overwhelming influx of thoughts.

Albert Einstein is one classic example of a person with ADHD.  Below is the video, that you my watch to see the earier struggle of Albert Einstein as a genius.

Causes of ADHD

Scientist are still trying to identify the cause of ADHD.  Most of the medical known probable causes coincide with the energy diagnosis, only it is seen in a different paradigm:

Known Causes (According to Medical Study)
Energy Cause
1.       Inherited condition
The energy can be imprint within the family. The imprinting can happen before a baby is born or during the development stage after birth.  Babies are sensitive individuals who can easily adopt the energies of the environment. Imprints can be patterns of thoughts, behavior, and emotions.
Hormonal related to the  production of dopamine. 
This condition is caused by the overstimulated energy on the forehead energy center.
Toxins and Drugs
Any contradicting food or physical intake causes a reaction on the energy fields. Since children couldn’t express the turmoil happening on the body, they act out the reaction.
Early exposure or too much exposure to television or computer
This causes the over-stimulation of the forehead energy center that will hamper the stable development of the base and sex energy centers. The base energy center will develop gross energy while the sex energy center will be depleted.  This condition, in effect, will result in inattentiveness and hyperactivity.
Poor home life
This manifested in the ungrounded energy of a person, trying to find balance and security, which in this case causes hyperactivity or impulsivity. At other times, poor home life blocks the creative energy of the sex energy center, thereby manifesting as hyperactivity.
Unknown Causes
Gross or imbalanced energy centers since birth

The Challenges

Parents with children who were diagnosed with ADHD are usually distressed on how to handle the condition. What adds to the burden is knowing that the condition is considered a disorder.

Some children are fortunate enough to have supportive parents, but others have parents who treat them different if not delinquent ones. While others landed with another additional modern named  disorder -  “severe defiance.”

From a spiritual perspective, the influx of people or children with ADHD goes with the emerging spiritual awareness and the coming of children with different levels of awareness.  The present new age or spiritual movement calls them to be “indigo” or “crystal” children.

There are emerging spiritual tasks for this development:

  1. To understand the nature of a human being beyond the physical structures which goes to understanding the nature of people with ADHD, their difference in a positive perspective.
  2. To understand human intelligence beyond limits. People with ADH have different way of learning and sometimes extra-ordinary intelligence. They need avenues to develop and show their gifts.
  3. To understand the nature of a soul beyond physical charcteristics.
  4. To give unconditional love.
  5. Cultivation of  Self-worth and self-love
  6. Perseverance

Reiki Healing on ADHD  

Nowadays, ADHD is treated with medications to regulate the release of dopamine. It helps but not really cures the condition… and more often it results in dependency on the medication.
I don’t really want to call ADHD a disorder that I would rather call the intervention a way of management. I also tell my clients that ADHD in general could be a gift and that all we need to know is how to handle the condition. Labelling our children with the term “disorder” does not help.  Actually they are “ attention-different-highly directed” individuals or individuals whose “attention are directed to heavenly dimension”.

To start the managing of ADHD, we begin by making the person (if in a right age of comprehension) and/or the parents understand the condition based on the energy diagnosis.  In my experience, even a seven or five year old child can understand the concept of gross energy manifested in hyperactivity and impulsiveness. A child can therefore also understand the concept of managing the energy.

The following energy healing can be undertaken:

          Reiki Healing or Using Energy Channeling – Focus on grounding the base energy center; developing the solar plexus and heart energy centers; and balancing the forehead energy center.

          Sounds – Listening or playing the drum or bass instrument can ground the energy of the base; a piano or harp can ground the forehead energy center; a flute or metal chimes/bell for the heart energy center; and string instruments for the solar plexus.

          Note: Humming or singing the note C or Do for the base; re for the sex energy center; mi for the or the solar plexus; fa for the heart center and la for the forehead energy center.

          Color: Use of the colors Blue, Green, white and violet to calm and ground the energy. Red, orange, and yellow can also be used as long as there the individual has no intense emotion

          Movements – use legs and hands in a play or exercises.

          Massage -  abdominal massage.   

          Elements – Connecting to the energy of the earth by walking, running or planting.

          Avoid too much exposure high frequency devices as these may disrupt the energy fields.

          Healing ADHD is about managing the person’s energy until one can manage on his or her own. The gross energy can be channeled to give birth to a gift of intelligence and creativity.

Managing ADHD is not time bounded; it is a life process.

Below is the video of how the condition can be managed as a gift:

Our generation is now gifted with a new way of looking at a human being.

“We are all being called to attend to the SOUL.   Symptoms are meant to be seen, heard and studied by looking into the soul and not to be suppressed.  Suppressing the symptoms is not healing. All the body may be in the mind, but the mind has apparently expanded into the universe. “

Love and Lights!

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