Thursday, April 21, 2016


I am far from my home country, the Philippines. I missed being home. I miss holding healing-ritual for the country. I miss the group which we fondly called “Psychic Left”.

I do readings for the country but this time I haven’t done it for a long time. The reason is ,  I don’t want my emotion to be involved on any possible results. So, I just focused my energy in receiving insights on how to improve my beloved country using energy-light work.

I share here the inspirations that I receive from Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel.

Healing Ourselves is Healing Our Land

We have gone a long way on learning how to heal ourselves. This is now the time to actively apply the same healing principles into the healing of the land.  Applying the same Reiki Principle into the healing of the land is one way:

Just for today, I shall not be angry, I shall be at peace.

The time has come to foster national and racial forgiveness.  Looking into the human experiences of the Philippines, it has experienced a lot of pain. To transform this pain into an energy of change, the country needs to experience national forgiveness. It is only this way that full justice will be served.
The essense of justice is in God’s hands. God’s justice is the highest justice that one can have. It is different from human reasoning. Human justice may sometime take into vengeance. For human justice, the cruxification of the innocent Jesus is unjust, but to God the cruxification creates a balance on the karma of the humanity.

God’s justice moves us to continue to work for equality and harmlessness. It gives peace and consolation to the oppressed. How will we know that human justice is served and not God’s justice? Human justice brings continued anger, disunity, and disatisfastion. God’s justice brings inner peace amidst everything what the humanity may call a turmoil.

For the Philippines, who has a long struggle for justice, let it be known that justice is served in different ways, not always from the human ways but through the law of karma. The Law of Karma brings not compensation but balance.

To all who work for justice, let us not also forget to bring peace by encouraging those who have been abused and oppressed by giving forgiveness. Though hard, forgiveness brings the true liberation. Let no widow or orphan live with the thought that the whole life is unjust, nor even let them leave the earth with so much pain from endless grieving. No money can compensate the feeling of loss of love ones nor bring the departed ones back to life. To focus on the human way of justice alone is to bring life into a never ending cycle of pain and dissatisfaction. However, one should never be passive against injustices but also remember that spiritual justice is above all.

Justice is a continuous effort of the humanity as it goes with the evolution of consciousness. While working for justice, let no one be ruled by anger but by love.

Great Vision Comes With Gratitude

Just for today, I am grateful.

The law to individual is no different to the law of the country.

Blessings comes with gratitude. Though hard, the nation and those who are aware must express gratitude for the present moment. All the rulers that the country had manifested the energy of the nation and the consciousness of the majority of the people. There will never be a societal transformation until the humanity reached the higher level of spiritual development. There will never be economic upliftment until we realized the spiritual value of money, the law of exchange through giving and receiving. This is a reality for humanity.

Lifting the economic condition of individuals through right thinking over money can bring great relief. From the individuals, change can affect the country. Let everyone, remember that societal change goes with the evolution of consciousness i.e., spiritual development. The change is a journey of change.

Count every step of change that the Philippines had, big or small and thank the ones who had been the instruments for change. The transition towards a new ruler must come with a feeling of gratitude and acceptance. From this feeling and thought, the constructive actions and changes will come.
Right Speech for the Better Society

                Just for today, I am kind to all creation.

The call is kindness through words. Words are power.  Words are inner thoughts. Thought  is manifested through spoken words. In this light,  everyone is encouraged to use power of words to bring changes for the country. Refrain to utter words that bring anger. Rather than complaints and criticisms, use speech to speak of the envisioned change.

Engage in a group discussion of hope and aspirations. Group energy can manterialize a thought of change. A thought of change creates the physical change.

It is better not to engage in any debates of what is good and bad, nor listen to others’ argumentation. This only fires up egostistic feeling and never enlightens up the right mind.  Instead, engage in silence and listen to the inner voice.  Allow silence to lead one’s own mind and heart to the right motive and action for the country. For it is in silence that the Divine Spirit speaks. It is in silence that one can connect to the soul of the nation.

Group Prayers and Meditation, Sounding the OM

                    Just for today, I work hard.

Group prayers and meditation are the best way to connect to the soul of the nation.  This is the most powerful force that Lightworkers can do to bring physical and spiritual change for the country. Everyone is encouraged to organize themselves to meditate and pray together before the coming election.

Sounding the OM, chanting will release negative vibration on the field of the country and also highten the frequency of change. OM when sounded connects everyone to the Divine vibration. This brings unity and oneness.

Visualizing love for the country is very important. This will create peace within hearts and will ensure peace for all.  This can also negate any violence or chaos forming on the energy field coming from the negative thought of people. Love changes.

Work, Lift UP and Accept

                Just for today, I trust.

Allow God with His/Her  Angels to work for the country.  Everything is always changing, and so the country. The outcome of the coming election will be based on the consciousness of the people. Don’t let the emotions be attached to any outcome. Focus on acts that will uplift the spirituality and condition of the people. Focus on the change and allow the energy to move towards it.  Engaging in the endless dissatisfaction in life does not help but creates inner turmoil. Speak of the truth but never in anger.

Apply the principle of personal abundance to the abundance of the country.
Be grateful! Remember that abundance comes from God! Lastly, never forget that the Archangel of the Nation is ready to help when called.

                                Use silence.
                                Use kindness.

Lights and Love.