Monday, September 7, 2015


I thank everyone who asked me about what Reiki is. This pushed me to explain more about Reiki.


Reiki has been re-discovered and taught by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk in Japan from  1922 up to the time of his death in 1926. 

In 1922, during Usui’s retreat in Mount Kurama, he had experience “satori” a spiritual enlightenment that paved way for him to develop and teach reiki to everyone who is seeking enlightenment and healing. He travelling around Japan to heal and teach reiki.  Upon his death, he left 15 teachers who propagated Reiki around Japan, including a western educated doctor, Chijuro Hayashi.
Chijuro Hayashi later taught Hawayo Takata, a Hawaian-Japanese woman living in Hawaii, who cured from her illness from Reiki.  Hawayo Takata was the one who brought Reiki to the western world.  She started to teach reiki in 1970 travelling in Europe, United States and Canada. She died in 1980, leaving 22 reiki masters who worked so hard to make reiki available around the world.

There are now, around 1 million reiki practitioners and about 10,000 reiki teachers around the world with many different branches started from the original lineage which is USUI Reiki Natural Healing Method of Healing. Reiki practiced in different setting: private, public, and even hospital settings.
In my own experience, I learned reiki in 2004 and started to teach in 2007 up to the present.


Many people know reiki as a tool for healing, when actually the healing part is just one of the result or gift of what Reiki can do. Pronounced as rei (ray) – ki (ki), rei means spiritual and ki means energy.  Therefore, Reiki means spiritual energy.

Reiki is a practice of Mindful Living thru the Precepts, Meditation, Self-Healing and Healing Others.
The Mindful Living is in the Reiki Principles. There are many version of this but I shall write here the affirmations.

                Just for today, I am peace
                Just for today, I trust.
                Just for today, I work hard.
                Just for today, I am grateful.
                Just for today, I am kindness, I am LOVE.

Reiki encourages meditation through different techniques, starting from Gassho, Rei-hi-jo and Hat-su-rei-ho. Reiki is not bounded by any forms, any techniques of meditation can be integrated with reiki, as this is an attunement to the Highest Divine Energy, the Divine God.

Healing with Reiki is a gift of Reiki. When someone receives a reiki attunement, the soul longs for
purification and perfection.  Self-healing comes a  tool for this process of enlightenment. One never stops healing oneself forever. A person goes into different level of soul development as one continues to heal.

When a person receives the benefits of reiki, the gift of sharing reiki to others through healing comes.


Anyone can learn Reiki. There is no age limit as long as a child can be guided by parents who are also reiki practitioners. My youngest student is 13 years old. Reiki is taught by reiki teachers who give attunements for one to practice.

The first stage of learning reiki is being attuned to Reiki First Degree.

Reiki First Degree is about learning to connect and love ourselves.  Here, we are taught how to heal ourselves and the practice goes to our first 21 days of Self-Healing.  We can also heal others if we are ready. This level focuses on healing the physical body.

After practicing reiki on oneself, one can study further by going into the Reiki Second Degree.  During the Reiki Second Degree, one is taught how to heal beyond the physical body by healing mental, emotional and spiritual level and also doing healing in a distance.  This level is our further step in understanding the multi-dimensional aspect of our being and the reality.

The next and last level is Reiki Third Degree. This is for the students who wanted to be a teacher. This is usually an apprenticeship process.  Other teachers teach this in just a weekend.  Whatever the process maybe, one will always be directed by the inner voice which way to choose. Learning never stops. One can always learn from different teachers.

There are other reiki courses that many teachers can offer. I never stop learning. J

Reiki is a tool of living. One will never know the benefits unless practiced. It is not only for healing our multi-dimensional body but also developing practical matters in life like finances, career, relationship, bless the food, house, and many others.

Reiki is a gift of life. It knows no boundaries of culture nor religion.

Reiki is a gift to all. We just need to take hold of the gift.

When a s student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Reiki Blessings!