Monday, May 13, 2013

Reiki and Brain Waves

The REIKI Inc. had just finshed its Enhancing Your Inner Gifts class lass May 4-5, 2013.  It had been a workshop of learning and laughter from 9 ladies who attended the seminar.  Two  of them are not reiki practitioners but all of them are real psychics.

One of the topic that I emphasized during my lecture was the nature of brainwaves.  I am compelled to this because in the last few months, I had been asked several times by different people about reiki and the level of brain waves that it reaches during the healing. In once instance, I got the question like “ is it true that reiki reaches only alpha level during healing?”.  And in another video, I saw a Theta Healer-Teacher discussing that Reiki is in alpha level during healing.

Let make things straight.

First let us discuss the brainwaves.

Lifting this explanation from a reiki book:  Brain wave patterns are kinds of electrical energy produced by the brain, and can be measured by  electroencephalograph (eeg).  The rhythms of this energy are measured in cycles per second (cps)

Brainwaves patterns, when controlled can allow you access to advanced states of consciousness.  These include psychic advancement, spiritual growth, astral travel, and healing or reiki healing.  One need only to open oneself to learning to control these pattern and enter into them at will.  Reiki is very beneficial to anyone who is trying to to advance their conscious mind and awareness.

The first level is Beta wave.  This is the conscious mind.  Here, we suffer from stress, worry and fear.  It is imperative that we start to raise and function on the higher brainwaves that follow.

The second is the Alpha wave.  This is the dreaming or unconscious mind.  In this state we can control our extra sensory perception, submliminal suggestions, and take us to the higher sates of awareness.  This is only a minimal state.  We can access hidden memories, vision of the future, or even past lives.  Sometimes we even solve problem in this state.

The third is Theta wave.  This unlocks the subconscious mind.  This wave is even deeper in extrasensory perception and can be a start of psychokinesis.  It is the level than help to stop pain and reach higher hypnosis elvel.  This is the level that we want to reach during meditation and reiki healing.

The fourth is Delta wave.  This leads to super conscious mind.  This wave is found during levels of deep sleep.  At this level, is where one’s spiritual power, wisdom, and experience become available.  One can contact spirit guides, angels, see past lives, travel astrally, and connect to higher mind.

Is it true that the Reiki only reaches Alpha level of awareness?

The answer is NO. Being in the alpha or any other level of higher brain waves is not tied to a specific activity.  I remember that a famous writer was hooked into EEG while speaking and it registerd that his brainwaves during the speech goes into random of beta, alpha, theta and even delta.   Everything depends on the person’s  state of mind during the activity.  This means that a healer can also be in the alpha, theta, or delta during the healing process.  It is evident that during the healing, the patient usually falls asleep, and the healer is usually receiving a lot of visions, messages, or even be drowsy and almost asleep. These are all manifestations of different state of awareness during healing.

If a reiki healer is knowledgeable in directing the level of awareness then one can easily go from alpha to delta level of brainwaves to have sufficient result of information and healing process.
Going into different level of brainwaves during healing if not done in a directed way becomes a natural process. A healer might have reached a certain level but not aware of it.  This is usually the case. So, in reiki healing, going into a different level of brainwaves can happen in a spontaneous or a directed way. 

Does it make Reiki less effective as an energy healing modality, if it does not use a directed way of going into theta level of brainwaves during healing?

Again the answer is NO. Let us remember that Reiki Healing is channeling the healing energies coming from the Divine Source just like other healing modalities.  If one is channeling the energies coming from the Highest Source, what could be higher than the highest?  God speaks to us in different ways, He heals in different forms.  All healing, if it claims to come from the Divine Source should always be wonderful. We are all channeling One Source, only the healer and the healee varies.  I have seen several miraculous healing in reiki and even in other healing modalities in different ways.

As we practice self Reiki each day, we can take some time to feel energy flowing in and around us.  We will soon become aware of the different brain waves and begin to figure out which one we have accessed. From the experience, we can now start integrating it into our healing ways.

Lastly, we teach this level of brainwaves in a continuing education of reiki in the course, Enhancing Your Inner Gifts.

Lights and Love,