Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reiki for Skin Asthma

I just finished the five sessions of Reiki with Anna. Anna is a seven year old kid suffering from skin asthma. She had a weekly sessions of Reiki which started last July, 2009.

Anna first came to me with evident skin rashes on her neck, and arms. She was complaining and scratching all through out the healing session.

During the first healing, the following came to me as an intuitive reading: 1) the child had a pain-trauma when she was younger (1-3 yrs old) that she reacted with the rashes on the skin 2) the child is an advanced soul that she exudes a mature thinking on life. Her mother confirmed all the informations and that the healing was led not only to physical healing but a healing of soul experience.

On her next Reiki Session, her rashes dried up and Anna’s mood according to her Mom changed. She became more stable and happy. I used the crystals on this session. Anna became so amazed with crystals that I gave a set on her following session.

The healing continued for 5 weeks. During our last session she showed none of symptoms of the skin asthma. Her Mom is also attending the next Reiki Class to be a healer in her family.

A Reiki Blessings!

(This sharing can also serve as a beginning of sharing of information about the Skin asthma. Don’t hesitate to contact me. ) Lights and Love

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