Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reiki and Money – Why Is There A Need For The Healing of The Money?

 ”The energy of money is coming to me -  wanting to speak and wanting to be understood.”

Last month, in our Esoteric Study Group, I shared the Spiritual Understanding on Money.  I believed the discussion created a deeper reflection on the use and healing of money in our times.  Another significant happening occurred when an aspiring student for angel work questioned and refused to give a fair energy exchange for my instruction. I ended up explaining the concept of fair energy exchange (fee).

This month during full moon, I am inspired to give the discourse:

What exactly is money?

Money is a tool of exchange for giving and receiving. 

A long time ago there was no money, but we used the barter system.  Money is a product of economic development to hasten and ease up the process of exchange of products and services. If we see the giving of money spiritually, then we shall understand that it is a form of giving and receiving. It is a form of fair energy exchange.

Money is a concretized etheric energy, a resource to be used in the physical world. In the original sense, it is neither negative nor positive.

The Stigma of Money

I grew up thinking that I couldn’t serve God if I am attached to money.  Partly, this is true, but partly not. The truth is we need money to be able to carry out our service to God at the present time.  We need money for transportation; we need money to eat; we need money to pay for our internet usage; we need money for teaching aids, and many other reasons.
The stigma about money has been brought through generations of wrong thinking that has been passed on up to the present time.  The use of money has been colored by wrong attitudes manifested by greed, by jealousy, by so much material desire, and by exploitation.  These wrong attitudes caused the economic exploitation and crisis. 

The pain and exploitation caused by this wrong attitude towards money became the reason for dis-association of money by many spiritual movements and practices. Many believe the quote that says, “money is the root of all evil”.  However, money is not the root of all evil, it is just a tool used in wrongdoings just like any other thing.  The root of the evil is our attachment to the pleasure of our lower self with the wrong thought about money.

Is There A Need To Heal Money?

There is a need to heal money.  Because of its misuse, there is already a karma attached to it. There is also a need to direct and attract the flow of money, money for good purposes. To heal the money is to continue its flow through giving and receiving.

How Do We Heal Money?

As Reiki practitioners, let us join the world group of servers and other “light workers” in healing money. There has already been energy attached to money for its long use in wrongdoings. The following are some of the ways in which the healing of money may be accomplished:

1.  Renew Our Positive Thoughts About Money

Let us see money as a concretized energy on the physical plane that is attracted like a magnet.  It is manifested because there is an attraction to the physical plane. See money as a tool for good works. It is a tool for balancing the giving and receiving. It is a tool for giving fair-energy-exchange.

It is an energy that comes from the Divine Source, one which we have to use in a righteous way.  This means we have to accept that there is a Divine energy in it.  Let us not condemn nor be disgusted with it

Let us use Reiki to heal the wrong concepts about money that we still have in our thoughts and emotions. Let us release all our negative understanding about money and see it as a positive concretized energy. It is a gift and a blessing. Always, remember that we are just custodians of money.  Money is not ours.

2.  Practice the Right Use of Money

The right use of money means using it to give an exchange for gifts that we receive. It also means attracting money for the right usage to serve, to provide for rightly needs or to create but not to accumulate and exploit.

There was a time when the concept of poverty and disowning material possession was a sign of detachment. It had served its purpose during that time to demonstrate detachment and to understand that the soul is important.  However, nowadays with the development of the consciousness of humanity, we now have the ability to direct our physical realities and actions with higher consciousness. The right use of money is one way we can use our higher consciousness.

Another way to apply the right use of money is to use it for any work related to spiritual purposes. All Light workers should consciously pray and visualize that the money will flow to all spiritual endeavors around the world.  Visualization can also be done by any group who are working together for such purposes.

Let us use Reiki to direct the flow of money for all our healing and spiritual work.  Let us use Reiki to visualize that the money is being directed to al spiritual endeavor around the world.

3.  Accept Money With Gratitude

This is related to the first step of renewing our concept on money. 

Reiki practitioners are sometimes uncomfortable in charging or giving fees as an exchanges for any work done for the spiritual teachings and healing. This is very common as tainted by the past curse on money.

Let us accept the money with gratitude, knowing that accepting the money and even charging money for our healing and spiritual work can allow us to stretch more our services. However, money should also not become the basis for us to work.  There are many forms of fair energy exchange.

Let us give thanks for the abundance through money.

4.  Heal and Bless The Money

This physicalized etheric energy called money always come a long way before it reaches our hands that blessing and healing is needed. The healing can be through uttering an affirmation and blessing that it may always be used for rightful purposes. With this act, we redeem the energy of money in its original state of divinity.

There are groups of world servers and light workers who are meditating to redeem the money and direct it to the spiritual purposes. Let us join this work. Together, as Reiki Practitioners, let us meditate to heal and bless the money that passes through our hands.
To practice the healing of money, I share here what I do.

I put all the money that comes to me on my altar to be blessed for the whole night. The following day, before I use it for any needs, I say this this:

                “  I give gratitude for this blessing of money. May this money be blessed. May it be free from all negativities. May it multiply a million times as I use it for the continuing fullness and prosperity of life.”

Addressing some the debts incurred in this lifetime, I also pray and visualize that money flows abundantly to fulfill all needs.
To ensure the rightful attitude towards money, after doing all my meditation in the morning, I say,

                “The Divine is the source of abundance. I am provided for all of my needs.  Money flows to me easily, continuously, and abundantly.”

I know, there will come a time when money will no longer be available in the physical plane but while it is still with us, let us continue to work for its redemption.

                Just for today,
                                I give thanks for the money that I have
                                I am happy with the money in my hands.

                Just for today,
                                I use it only for the rightful needs to enhance the spirit
                                I allow it to flow in a continuous cycle of love.

Love and Lights