Sunday, January 16, 2022


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“Don’t put a newly cooked rice at the top of your spoiled one.”

Or else, you are shall be eating spoiled food. The next step in preparing ourselves for a new action is to release any spoiled parts of ourselves. If you haven’t read Step One, please read first the first step at this link:


Many people jump into visioning and making plans and actions without releasing first what can block along the way. After we have sat down and sought God within us, the next step is to heal ourselves to release anything thought and emotions that can block us along the way. Unhealed emotions and negative thoughts comprise our vibrations and vibrations are necessary for manifestation.

How can these blocks affect us?

Any actions come from emotions and thoughts. Therefore, unwanted and unhealthy thoughts and actions can lead us into 1) repeating the same patterns of actions and results that lead us to stagnant progress and 2) pessimism and fear that can freeze our actions for progress in life.

Failure to address these blocks, in the long run, can lead us into the following:


  1. Regression or retardation of spiritual growth
  2. Unrest of mind and confusion
  3. Inability to connect to ones’ Higher Self or Mind
  4. Attracting negative people or experiences.
  5. Confusion about life and events
  6. Addiction to past experiences.
  7. Self-destruction
  8. Hopelessness


To address the block and move smoothly in life, we may do the following actions:


Action 1: Check on your chakras through the following questions: (For those who do not know chakras, chakras also called energy centers contain our thoughts and emotions.)

                   Go into a meditative state. Start with a prayer. Then ask the following questions while putting your hands on each chakra. Be mindful of your intuitive answer. If you are a Reiki practitioner, then you can invoke Reiki on this exercise or invoke the angels for each chakra.





 Base Energy Center

Put your hands on the lower back at the end of the spinal column. 

       a)  Do I feel alone in life?

      b)      Do I feel that life is so hard?

      c)      Do I feel unsupported?

Feeling Unsupported by the Cosmos

Sacral Energy Center

Put your hands on the lower part of the stomach.

     a)      Do I always feel a lack of resources or money?

     b)      Do I feel unsatisfied with my job?

     c)      Do I always blame myself?

Feeling of Lack

Feeling of guilt or blame for current situation

Solar Plexus

Put your hands on the upper part of the stomach.

     a)      Do I take care of myself?

     b)      Do I feel angry about life events?

     c)      Do I feel powerless?


 Heart Center

Put your hands on the center of your heart.

     a)      Do I feel loved?

     b)      Am I ready to love?

     c)      Am I willing to receive?

Hate, Unforgiveness

Throat Center

Put your hands on your throat

     a)      Do I follow my dreams?

     b)      Can I speak for myself?


Forehead Center

Put your hands on your forehead

    b)      Am I confused about life?


Crown Center

Put your hands on your crown

     a)      Do I call God to guide me in my life?

     b)      Do I have deep faith and trust in God?

Separation from God


Action 2:  After your reflection, then we now start to let go with healing and affirmations. (Note that recognition and acceptance of what blocks us start the healing process. So, many lightworkers hesitate to look and examine their past for fear of being stuck on it. This is a wrong interpretation. We all can live in the present and move to the future when we revisit the past with acceptance and forgiveness. There is a pre-requisite to saying “Forget the past and move on. The important requirement is that one has already been friends with the past so that they can close or forget peacefully.)


  1. Put your hands in the praying position and say,  "Through the Power of my God‐Mind, I release past negativity and release my mind – God-directed – into a positive future."
  2. Say the affirmation, doing the hand positions in each chakra. Feel the energy of the affirmations.


          Go into a meditative state. Start with a prayer. Then ask the following questions while putting your hands on each chakra. Be mindful of your intuitive answer. If you are a Reiki practitioner, then you can invoke Reiki on this exercise or invoke the angels for each chakra.





 Base Energy Center

Put your hands on the lower back at the end of the spinal column.

I am One with the support of the Universe.

Sacral Energy Center

Put your hands on the lower part of the stomach.

I am One with prosperity and material wealth – immediately, now, and eternally.

Solar Plexus

Put your hands on the upper part of the stomach.

I am One with the power of the Divine who is within me.

 Heart Center

Put your hands on the center of your heart.

I am One with a perfect love in all of my relationships immediately, now, and eternally

Throat Center

Put your hands on your throat.

I am One with my chosen path  – immediately, now, and eternally.

Forehead Center

Put your hands on your forehead

I am One with the mind of God.

Crown Center

Put your hands on your crown

I am one with God.


 Action 3:  End with gratitude. Gratitude can take into many forms. It can be a prayer, a song, or an offering.


Now you are ready for the last action which is empowering the vision and action.


Hold on for the Step 3:





Monday, January 3, 2022



“ But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Mather 6:33


The above verse is my inspiration and my guide. 


The new year always comes to everyone as a new beginning. To everyone, it is the time to plan, a time to visualize, a time to affirm, and a time to execute. However, let us not rush. It is good to see the alignment of our mind to our spirit. The holiday season prepares us for this connection. Let us see the season deeply. 


It is desgined that the Christmas Season ends with the observance of Epiphany. After celebrating the Light of Christ, we are being led to seek the light within as our Guide for the New Year. This is the symbolic meaning of the three kings who allowed themselves to be guided by the bright star. 


Esoterically, the three kings symbolized the “body”, “mind”, and “spirit”. Their going back home after finding the Baby Jesus is like our going back home to our mundane life. This time with the Christ Light.


I invite you first to spend a time of prayer and reflection before anything else. You may have a retreat or just 2-3 hours with God. 


  1. Sit in meditation. If you are a Reiki Practitioner, do the Gassho Meditation. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes feeling the presence of God. Feel God through your breath or just be in silence.
  2. Read a spiritual text either the Holy Scripture, Bhagavad Gita, or other books that you resonate with. Allow yourself to be led to an inspirational message.
  3. Talk to God. You may ask questions. Allow yourself to receive an answer if not at the moment but in the coming days
  4. When you feel the great presence of God in your activity – start to look back on the past year. See your experience through God’s lens.
  5. End with gratitude. Be creative. Write, draw, or make a collage.
  6. Just a note. You may divide your time for steps 1-5.
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God’s inspiration will lead us into illumination and unto the next step which is healing and releasing, my next block.

Love and Light,





Friday, December 31, 2021


I am writing this when December is already ending and Christmas lights will go off in a week. However, I feel this is the right time for me to write and call on everyone to light our inner Christmas Lights in gratitude. 

Celebrating Christmas

Christmas means – celebration or gathering for Light. Esoterically, when we think about the birth of Christ, we are referring to the birth of Christ consciousness within us. The Christ consciousness is the consciousness that allows us to serve humanity and the earth, to live through unconditional love, and be connected to our Divine Creator and our True Essence.

                                                                Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Christ means Light and symbolically the Christmas lights and lanterns are meant to remind us of the Light within our Soul. So, much living for material survival for the year that we are asked to end the year by connecting to our Light – our Soul. Celebrate the Light comes with joy and gratitude. This is the season about merry-making.


Gratitude For the Light


While we can all be looking on the lights around us during Christmas, let us now look at the lights 
within us in gratitude.


The lights within us are in our chakras or energy centers. They are our Christmas lights when lit up and

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activated. They all come with gifts. Let us now light these all up in gratitude. 


Step One: 


Think of the present moment. Your first light is the Base Energy Center. This is about your life and the strength to live here on earth. You are alive. You thrived through the pandemic.


Touch your tailbone on your lower back. Close your eyes and imagine a red color shining brightly on your tailbone down towards your feet. Thank God for the present moment. Be grateful for being on this earth. Thank the Divine God for your life. Continue to feel the gratitude. When you feel satisfied, you may open your eyes. 


Step Two:


Think about your gifts, your talents, your work, and your sustenance. Your second light is the Sacral Energy Center. This is about your sustenance – money, work, creation, and many others.


Place your hands on the lower part of your abdomen, below the navel. Close your eyes and imagine an orange aura shining on the lower part of your stomach. Thank God for all that you have received to sustain your physical needs. Thank God for your talents and wholeness as a person in the family and the community. When you feel satisfied, you may open your eyes. 


 Step Three:

Think about your strengths. How did they manifest in facing life this year? Your third light is the Solar plexus, located two inches above your navel.


Place your hands on the upper part of your stomach, above the navel. Close your eyes and imagine a yellow aura shining on these area of your stomach. Thank God for your strength to face challenges. Thank God for your determination to move forward in life. Thank God for teaching you how to transform fear into courage and worries into inspiration. When you feel satisfied, you may open your eyes. 


Step Four: 

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Think about the people in your life now. They are your carers, your lovers, and your supporters. Yes,
some have hurt you but left you with lessons. Your fourth light is your Heart Chakra in the center of your chest.

Place your hand on heart. Close your eyes and imagine a pink aura shining in the center of your heart. Thank God for love and relationships. Thank God for the lessons of love and giving. Open yourself to give and receive. When you feel satisfied, you may open your eyes. 


Step Five:


Think about your life path. Life path is our expression. Your fifth light is our Throat Chakra. Your center for communication.


Place your heart on your throat. Close your eyes and imagine a blue aura shining on your throat. Thank God for your spoken words. Thank God for the path of life that you are taking. Thank God for words of love and encouragement. When you feel satisfied, you may open your eyes. 


Step Six:


Think about the vision that you see about our life in general. Do you see the darkness and the light as one? Do you receive inspiration? Do you believe in the seen and unseen realities of life? Your sixth light is your Forehead Chakra, your center for illumination and vision.


Place your hand on your forehead. Close your eyes and imagine an indigo aura shining on your forehead. Thank God for understanding. Thank God for seeing the light and beauty amidst the darkness. Thank God for understanding life beyond the physical senses. When you feel satisfied, you may open your eyes. 


Step Seven:


Feel your connection to our Divine Creator. Do you trust the unknown future? Do you feel supported by the cosmos? Your seventh light is the crown center, the way to reclaim our Divinity as a creation of God.


Place your hand on your crown. Close your eyes and imagine a violet aura on your crown. Thank God for your beingness. Thank God for the Divinity within you.


Last Step:


Feel the seven lights within you shining in gratitude. Your Christ-mas lights are now shining.


Christ-mas is about gathering for Christ, the Light. Let our light shine in gratitude. Let is shine brightly welcoming the New Year!

                                                             Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash



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Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Before reading this blog, please be sure that you have read the first part –“ Why Do I Teach Reiki Online?”

I have been teaching Reiki for more than more than 10 years. I would admit I am so engrossed with teaching that I always make changes to my manual to develop and update information.  I love to teach and see students grow. I love to study and research things that I can impart to my students. My mission is to impart spiritual teaching and help people take the spiritual journey.

When COVID 19 quarantine was implemented, I never thought about stopping my teaching because of the imposed physical limitations. I was so spirited that the inspiration to go beyond physical limitations dawned on me. I found myself teaching Reiki online and holding lectures that can help people focus their attention to adjust or cope up with the situation.

I may be one of the teachers who immediately switched to teaching Reiki online to pursue my mission to promote Reiki. I even participated in the first Philippine Reiki Conference Online that was a success. I rise up with ‘Spirit’ who bears no limitations.

I find teaching online to be very different from the in-person teaching. Yes, one may say that teaching in person is better but I shall say the only difference is physical, but the energy and spirit of Reiki is the same.

I found myself doing more in an online teaching than the in-person one. This is because, as a teacher, I want to ensure that students learn the theoretical and practical lessons needed in Reiki.  I am moved to create videos to supplement my teachings when the students are on their own for their practicum. I also give recorded videos for the students to review their classes. There were instances where I had to create impromptu e-books and videos just to attend to the needs of the number of students per class.

More requirements before giving certificates. This is not really about being strict but about my way measuring the quality of learning, practice and attentiveness of the students to their study. Yes, I give on the spot and online quizzes. I require the submission of Reiki Practicum on self-healing, healing others, and meditation. I make sure that I meet all the students online  to  wrap up and evaluate their experiences before giving them their certificates.

Being available to the students strengthens the relationship. There is this magic that connects me to the students – a feeling of connection that I know my students know that I am just a ‘click-away’ whenever they need me. I find students ask questions about their assignment, their practice, or spiritual journey more than my in-person classes.  This for me shows more attentiveness and a deeper relationship.

To me, students are more inter-active in an online class.  Amazingly, online students are more active.  They speak their minds – either by writing on a chat box or speaking on the video class. Writing on a chat box is not available on an in-person class. Students who are shy might find themselves withholding their thoughts, comments, and feelings. No one is shy in an online-class. Everyone participates in break-out rooms and in any activities.

Online-class though in a physical distance is like sitting in front of each other. Unlike in an in-person class where I can see my distance to my students who might be sitting physically far away from me, on-line students always appear to be sitting right in front of me. If I feel this way energetically, I am sure  students feel the same. Their energies are not scattered when they answer my questions. Unlike in an in-person class, where I can see students making efforts  to project to others in a classroom setting. Students are also excited to meet their classmates; this creates a loving link to each other.

Do not worry about the attunements. Energies are the same, as Reiki comes from the Divine Source, who is not bounded by physical distance.  I made students to participate in the attunements aside from doing the gassho. In this way, they can visualize and feel Reiki and won’t be anxious about silence and asking if they are receiving or not. We lift everything to the Divine Source.

I have learned a lot with teaching online, and I think I shall carry some of these lessons with me when I resume teaching in-person. Each way has its own creative energy which sparks us.

Lights and Love,