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If you are new to Reiki the first assignment that you shall have is to do the Reiki Self-Healing. I remember starting to heal myself in 2004. I was already a healer, but I was new to Reiki. It was indeed a different experience. I felt my body being cleansed energetically. I loved it! Since then, I look forward to doing my Self-Reiki everyday.

Many of my students, asked me, "when shall we stop doing the Self-Healing?". My answer was, we never stop healing ourselves. Healing ourselves is our everyday tool to for holistic health - mind, body, and spirit. This is our way to progress in this healing and spiritual journey. Each healing is always different. It addresses different parts of our issues or ourselves. So, if you are new to Reiki, this writing is for you.

What is Self-Reiki?

Self-Reiki is our way to heal and balance ourselves. Everyday, we encounter things that can imbalance our thoughts, emotions, physical, or spiritual state. In doing Self-Reiki everyday, we heal ourselves and release what is not needed by our being. Therefore, Self-Reiki brings us to our original state of balance.

I do Self-Reiki everyday. I do it also before I see a client to ensure that I have the balance to handle healing sessions. I even do it to go back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason at all.

Self-Reiki brings us to our sacred moment. I remember one of my students stated that Self-Reiki is her "Me Time". Yes, it is indeed. Having a time for Self-Reiki is an affirmation that we need a time for ourselves. That time for ourselves is our sacred moment to get in-touch with our being - body, thoughts, emotions, and Spirit.

Self-Reiki fosters self-love. That sacred moment for ourselves leads us to loving ourselves. These hands of ours that touch each part of our body share the love for ourselves. I sometimes feel I am in a "cocoon" being cuddled and pampered during the Self-Reiki.

What Are My Tips For Self-Reiki?

1.  Set a time for Self-Healing

Our mind loves programming; our body follows the mind. So, setting a definite time for healing allows your body to make an alarm for yourself to do the Self-Healing Session. The alarm can be - thoughts, or body getting tired, waiting to be boosted on the specific time or just a memory of the wonderful feeling of self-healing.

2.  Advise your family or house buddies about your sacred time.

This works with me. My children grew up with me understanding that I need a time for my Self-Reiki. Advise your family how long you will be in silence. They will understand and respect your time. Remember! As you feel good during the healing session, your energy also vibrates within the house. They will also benefit from your healing.

3.  Use candles, music or aroma.

These are not necessary, but these help to set the mood for healing. I set a day when my healing will be a special day with all the tools - candles, music, and aroma.

4.  During healing, feel your hands and your body.

Feeling the heat, warmth, or coldness of our hands or body during the healing is natural. However, I shall understand if you don't feel anything yet. It takes time for some people to be sensitive to the flow of energy. Don't be sad, if you don't feel anything, it is not a must and it does not mean that the Reiki does not work.

If you are are the kind of person who is already sensitive enough, stay on the position of the body where you feel certain sensation. Sensation could mean that Reiki is energizing, balancing, or releasing blocks on that area. The sensation will go away after 3- 5 minutes.

5. The more sick you are, the more you will need to do the Self-Reiki.

I have heard from several Reiki practitioners that they stopped doing Reiki when they were sick or not feeling well. Self-Reiki is meant to help us in healing and to make ourselves feel better. This is not a good reason to stop but rather the time to heal more. There is no overdose for Reiki.

5.  Answers to common questions.

How long shall I let my hand stay in one position? As long as you still feel a certain sensation. If you don't feel anything, allow your mind to guide you when to move your hands into another position.

What will happen if I forget to ground or close my aura? I have not seen a big implication on these. Remember, during Reiki we are all guided by the Divine God, His angels and guides. However, it is best for us to be responsible enough to remember the process of healing. The process for healing is our way to ensure that no harm or imbalance of energy can happen to us.  At one point, I fell asleep during a Reiki session (which has happened to me several times). I woke up with a dull feeling on my head. I asked why and what can I do to ease myself. I was told by the inner voice to ground myself since I fell asleep during the Self-Reiki. I did my grounding and the dull feeling on my head went away. So, my tip is always remember to ground yourself and close your aura.

What if my hand position is wrong or sequence is wrong? There is no right or wrong hand position or sequence. The hand positions and sequences were developed by Chijuro Hayashi to be a guide for our healing. Some people are not intuitive enough to follow inner guidance during healing. The hand positions helps us to do the self-healing easily.

It is also okay if your are already used to hand positions, to follow your inner guidance as to where to place your hands. 

Is there a particular length of time for Self-Reiki? No. Each healing session is personal. However, the average is from 10-45 minutes.

Self-Reiki is a wonderful gift to ourselves. Enjoy every moment of it. 

If you are not a Reiki practitioner and reading this, the first question that you need to ask from a healer is - Do you do Self-Reiki everyday? 

Here is your guide for Self-Reiki. Sooner , I shall have the voice over for this. :-) Below is the the link.

                                                             Reiki Self-Healing

Love and Lights,



Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Reiki has always been a gift to humanity. In this time of Pandemic – Covid 19, we can apply Reiki to boost our immune system and live with Reiki Principles to remain calm and steadfast to address the situation.

Our healthy ways and lifesytles of eating good food, having enough sleep and rest, and having pyshical exercises should not  be undermined as we live and heal with Reiki.

1.  Self-Reiki and Energy Boost Everyday

Never miss a day without Self-Reiki. This will ensure that our energy body is boosted and so is our physical body. When doing the Self-Healing, you may focus on the following:

a.      Crown Energy Center – This will lead to the strengthening of our whole being – our Spirit that connects us our Divine Creator. We need a strong faith to face the present situation. Only the power higher than man can alleviate the situation that human ego has made. All wisdom comes from God. On the physical level, focusing on the crown can also regulate our pineal gland which produces melatonin that is needed for a good sleep. Good sleep boosts our immune system. More so, the center also governs the muscles, bones, cells, blood, and the entire body.

b.      Throat Energy Center – This can strengthen the physical throat that is usually affected by the COVID 19. Focusing on this center can also lead us to being flexible to adapt to the situation.

c.       Heart Energy Center – This can strengthen our physical lungs and heart, and also open ourselves to compassion to others which is needed in this moment. This also leads us to unity among others.

d.      Solar Plexus – This can strengthen our will and power to do what is good and helpful for us and the environment. Focusing on this center can also boost our physical body since here the center of the physical energy lies.

e.      Sacral Energy Center – This can release our fear and guilt on anything. Focusing on this center will enhance our creativity and self-affirmation. When our sacral is strong, we can fight any contagious disease.

f.        Base Energy Center – This can make our physical body strong as well as enhance the feeling of safety. A strong base energy center can allow us to withstand whatever challenges in life may come along.

 2.  Meditate with Gassho and Joshin Kokyuho

Through Gassho Meditation, we strengthen our connection to the Divine God and to the
oneness with all. When meditating with Gassho, aside from feeling the presence of the Divine God,
visualize the blessing of God as a golden light pouring into our soul and into the physical body. Golden light is a strong color of light for transformation and transmutation. Click the link below for the Gassho Meditation.

           Gassho Meditation

 Through Joshin-Kok-yu-ho or Reiki Breath, activate the Three Diamonds which are the centers for Reiki practice – the Crown (represents Heaven, the connection to the Divine Energy), the Dan-Tien located two inches below the navel (represents Earth, the connection to the physical energy), and the heart center (the manifestation of love for self and creation). We meditate with Joshin-Kokyu-ho to activate and strengthen our “dan-tien” or power source which will enhance our physical energy and our capacity to be a channel for healing. When the power source is enhanced, the energy moves up and opens our heart energy center – the seer of the soul. Click the link for the guide for meditation.

 3.  Bathe under the Sun

Bathe under the sun from 6am – 8am not only to get the vitamin D but also to ensure
that our etheric body receives the solar energy and is also cleansed by it. When our etheric body is strong, our physical body will also be strong.  

4.  Use Crystals

Crystals are a creation of God. As they are part of nature, they emit a healing component beneficial to human beings. They can be used as supplementary tools to conventional medicine, but not as a replacement.  St. Hildegard of Bingen in her writing in “Physica” says the following:

  The devil abhors, detests, and disdains precious stones. This is because he remembers that their beauty was manifest on him before he fell from the the glory which God had given him.”

Crystals cannot be used for negative intention. The following are the crystals
recommended by Saint Hildegard for use:

      a.      Emerald – is powerful for combatting all negative human conditions and pestilence, weakness and sickness as it is invigorated by the sun and the vitality of the air. It is good to have an emerald beside the individual, when one has an ailment in the heart and stomach.

St. Hildegard: When a person is infected with pestilence, one should place the emerald in his/her mouth, so it becomes wet from saliva and the saliva heats up from the stone. Repeat and place the stone on one’s body. The sudden pestilential attacks will cease, without doubt.

b.      Topaz – is good for fever.

St. Hildegrard: Place a Topaz tumble stone in some water or wine. After a few minutes, remove the topaz from the water or wine, then drink the formula. Or, one can stare at the topaz in the water or wine and use this affirmation – “I look at mself, just as the cherubim and seraphim look at God in a mirror, so this fever might be cast from me.” One should do this often and he/she will be cured.

c.       Chrysolite – used also for fever.

St. Hildegard : A person who has fever should heat up some wine and hold chrysolite over the vapor of that wine. Its sweat should be mixed with wine and should drink the warmed wine. He should also place the chrysolite in his mouth for a little while. If he does this often, he will be well.

d.      Jasper -  for thick nasal discharge.

St. Hildegard: One who has a thick nasal discharge should put jasper near his/her mouth and breath on it with his/her warm breath, so that it becomes warm and moist. Then he should set it in his nostrils and press his nose with his hand. This makes its heat enter his head, so the the humors in head are loosened more quickly and gently, and he/she will be better.

              Cyrstals are beautiful creations of God. Their beauty is healing.

5.  Live With the Reiki Principles

The effects of Reiki in our lives are seen as the way of practicing the Reiki Principles in everyday living.

Just For today, I am at Peace

We may find discomfort as the government implements things to find solutions to prevent the spreading of Covid 19. Do not let this discomfort turn into anger. Instead, accept the situation that we cannot change, and uplift the condition that is within in our hands and within our reach. Instead of complaints, let us make ourselves safe and healthy and do the same for our community.  Remain calm and at peace, so as not to add to the discontent of the people.  

We may find ourselves looking for blame on the situation. Truth will be revealed in the near future, but for this moment, let us not speak or do any action that can lead to discrimination, division and dis-harmony of people.

Just For Today, I trust

     When fear creeps in, pray and remember that God is in charge. Fear is the disease of the modern
     world. Fear controls and divides people. We become uncompassionate when we are overwhelmed by
     fear. Panic buying is one act of fear that shows greed. Our mind is created by God to architect our
     reality. So, instead of fear, let us sow calm and trust. Spend time visualizing  a good outcome of the
     situation. Visualize nature helping us. Visualize the angels coming to our rescue. Visualize all those 
     who are sick being healed. Visualize the earth healing.

     When we trust the Divine order, we allow God to work for us. Fear is a negative prayer. Let us pray in
     the right way.

Just For Today, I am Grateful
    The present moment is always the best moment if we shall look into our lives beyond their mere 
    physical meaning. Start and end the day with gratitude either in affirmation or prayer. Show
    gratitude to everyone who is helping us to be safe and comfortable in the present situation. The gift of
    life is present even in this present moment. Let me detail here the gifts of gratitude according to
    scientific studies:

-         -   Gratitude enhances empathy.
-          -  Gratitude gives us a long and peaceful sleep.
-          -  Gratitude gives us mental strength like resilience. This is shown in a study among war veterans in        2006

     Just for Today, I work joyfully.

      Relieve yourself from stress by enjoying the present moment. Find things that can make you and your family happy while at home. Draw, read, play, sing, dance, write or fix something in your home. Find time to meditate and and reflect on spiritual scripture. The heart emanates vibrations at a diameter of 15 feet away from itself, so be happy when falling in line for grocery or other services. This will make everyone around you happier, thereby making the environment less stressed

      Work and play. Work and pray.

Just For today, I am Love.

Show reverence to every creation. Let us watch our words and action so as not to divide or discriminate. Show love in every act.  Loving ourselves leads us to loving others. Differentiate the act of selfishness which is out of fear to real self-love. Meditate on your heart chakra to help. Offer Reiki to others – to the sick people, to the government, to healthcare system and to the whole community. Send reiki to the whole world.

6.  Additional Practical Tips

Let me share here some practical tips related to our healing others.

  • When healing others, go with your Divine Guidance. There is nothing right or wrong whether we heal laying hands on or of or even at a distance. What matters most is the love that we emanate and our trust in the  Divine Source.
  • Keep up to date with the news and policies of the government regarding the prevention of COVID 19.
  • We might have to cancel classes if there is lockdown in our area.  If attunement is not necessary in the class, we may hold classes online.
  • When holding a class in-person, advise the students who are sick, with coughs or colds to refrain from attending the class.
  • We may follow social-distancing such an non-touching and non-hugging or no holding of hands during our Reiki class or gathering (if gathering permitted).
  • Wash hands  after every healing. Sanitize hands often.
  • Sanitize healing places.
  • Quoting from William Rand, replace hugs with namaste salute. Namaste means “The Divine in me honors the Divine in you.”
  • If you are a teacher, you may attune personally even at a distance, as Reiki or energy has no boundaries.
  • Use video-conferencing to follow up your clients and students.


Love and Lights,

Aisa Hewlett
Reiki Master Teacher


Discourse by Lilian Jarales-Hewlett on Corona Virus, FB Live
Physica Collection of St. Hildegard of Bingen
William Lee Rand, On Reiki and Corona Virus
Photo Credits: google photos, cosmichealer.net photos by JA, Hunt Cutero photos


Monday, May 27, 2019

Practicing Reiki and Christianity-Part 2 (An Answer to USCCB)

"I love explaining Reiki to Christians. I feel the Holy Spirit speaking through me, advocating unity among the people of God."

There is a Reiki Scare

There is a Reiki Scare and this is true. The scare is like a campaign from people who do not understand. It is a campaign from people who love God and want the flocks to be safe against occult or what they call devil attacks.

I fully understand those people who launch this Reiki Scare Campaign. I fully understand that they just do not know what Reiki is.

The Answer to USCCB On The Allegations About Reiki

I love when people search on the net about Reiki and and come back to me with a question on  USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) statement against Reiki. This gives me an opportunity to explain Reiki and the need for understanding and healing a segment of our Catholic Church.

There are three key points that the USCCB had emphasized on their statement against Reiki. First, Reiki is a healing by natural means not by Divine Grace. Second, Reiki lacks scientific credibility and third, Catholics will fall into danger with the integration of Reiki to Catholic practices. With the love of God, this Divine Love within my heart, let us understand:

1. Reiki is a healing by Divine Grace not only by natural means

Reiki is not a religion, but it is a spiritual healing in nature. Connecting to Divine God is a must in order to channel the healing energy of Reiki. Otherwise, one will use one's own personal energy, thereby depleting one's body after the healing. The real healer, as we were taught, is the Divine God and He works with the faith and willingness of the healee.  The Reiki practitioner is also a channel or conduit of the Divine God to facilitate the healing.

Reiki is not a religion and it is for the practitioner to integrate one's own religious or spiritual practice to do Reiki. When I teach Reiki to students from from different religions (Buddhism, Islam, Catholics, Christians, etc.), I encourage them to call the Divine Guidance in the way they know. For my own practice, I ask God to send the Holy Spirit. I also call Mother Mary, my angels and all my favorite Saints and to name a few -- Fr. Pio, St. Francis of Asisi, St. Hildegard, and St. Benedict.

If to practice Reiki is to call the Divine God through the personal expression of the practitioner, how can this be without Divine Grace? God is merciful to bless those who call for help and guidance.

Does the USCCB mean that this Divine Grace is only bestowed to Catholics? I don't think this is the real teaching of Catholicism which from the root word of katholikos means universal.

Let us compare the concept of healing Reiki and the concept of healing by Divine Grace defined by USCCB:

     Reiki Healing                                                        

     Calls the Divine God or the Spiritual energy for healing.                                               
     Is a healing through Spiritual Energy: Rei means spiritual and ki mean energy.                 
     Reiki is complementary to all forms medicine and healing.                                        

     Healing by Divine Grace

     Invocation of the name of the Lord Jesus,  asking for healing through the power of the Holy Spirit
     Holy Spirit whether in the form of the sacramental laying of hands and annointing with oil or   
     prayers for healing.     
     Recognizes the other healing through natural means.

I don't see the difference. The only difference will depend on the spiritual or religious practice of    the Reiki practitioner. However, if the practitioner is a devout Catholic or Christian, the Reiki Healing will be through the Holy Spirit and will be invoked in the name of Jesus Christ.

2.  Reiki Healing is supported with Scientific Credibility

Reiki is a healing technique that falls under energy medicine. Energy medicine has been studied over the century. Brenda Brennan a former NASA physicist has studied energy medicine and founded the Brenda Brennan School of Energy Medicine in Florida. 

Energy medicine is now called bio-field Therapy. There is a new understanding of science now which goes beyond the physical matter. Western Medicine is not the only medicine in the world. The USCCB must have not been updated since the old Newtonian Science into the new science of quantum, noetic sciences, or electro-magnetic field. I can understand this because it is a reality that sometimes some parts of the Catholic church are late to catch up with new "real" science. It is  common knowledge that in the 16th-17th century the Catholic church persecuted scientists who formed theories contradictory to the teaching of the Church. Nicholas Copernicus (tagged as sinner) and Galileo Galilei (tried for inquisition) were two scientists who declared that the earth revolved around the sun, a theory known now to be true. Both of them were banned by the Catholic Church, yet now, these scientest were proven right.

I copied here some of the answers from the International Center for Reiki Training on the allegation of USCCB that Reiki is not scientific.

          The CIRT stated the following:

  •  Dr. Oschman had studied and researched and discovered several important scientific studies  that point to a scientific basis for energy medicine based on the laws of physics and biology. Among his discoveries are: 1) There is an electrical current that run through every part of the  human body. These currents are present in the nervous system, organs, and cells of the body; 2) The fields around each of the organs pulse at different frequencies and stay within a specific frequency range when they are healthy, but move out of this range when they are unhealthy. ; 3) The hands of healers produce pulsing electromagnetic fields when they are in the process of  healing, whereas the hands of non-healers do not produce these fields. When a healer places his or her hands on or near a person in need of healing, the electromagnetic Field of the healer’s hands sweeps through a range of frequencies based on the need of the part of the body being treated.
  • Many medical professionals, hospitals, and health care facilities recognize its benefits and accept it as an adjunct therapy.  In Holistic Nursing, A Handbook for Practice, Chapter 2 “Scope and Standards of Practice,” the American Holistic Nursing Association lists Reiki as an accepted form of treatment. According to the American Hospital Association, in 2007 Reiki was offered as a standard part of patient care in 15% or over 800 hospitals across the US. Dr. Mehmet OZ, one of the most respected cardiovascular surgeons in the US uses Reiki during open-heart surgeries and heart transplants.        

Anyone who does not believe in the science of energy medicine is living in the old world view. It has been a known fact that beyond the smallest particle of matter is an empty space -  energy.

3.  No one will fall into a danger with the integration of Reiki to Catholic Practices

If God is called into any action with the purity of the heart, no one can be in danger. To do a pure Catholic practice is not a ticket that one will not be in danger. It is not specified by the USCCB the danger that a Catholic can face through practicing Reiki. However, I will surmise that the 'danger' presumed might be one's involvement with the occult or the result of some demonic or sinful act.

The key to remaining in the safety of God lies in the purity of the heart of the believer. We have seen how many Catholic priests fall into grave sins which can be seen as the work of the devil. The danger lies not on the integration of Reiki into Catholic practice but on failing to understand on how God works in each one of us and how we are adversely affected by assuming the false ego.

Reiki is represented through the Holy Spirit in the Catholic faith. How can one be in danger under Divine Providence?


     We cannot use our own personal energy during healing. We are just a channel of the healing 
     energy coming from the Divine.

     We can only channel the healing energy if we allow God to use us as a channel. 

     We continue to heal ourselves to be a good channel for healing energy. We also follow the Five 
     Reiki Principles as a guide for living. (Just For Today, I will not be angry. Just For Today, I will 
     not worry. Just for Today, I will work hard. Just For Today, I will be grateful. Just For Today,  
     I will be kind to others.)

     Healing By Divine Grace

     Whereas the gifts of the Spirit are received spontaneously by an act of faith; the fruits of the 
     Spirit are produced overtime through abiding or persevering faith. (Luke 8:15)

The Holy Spirit manifests in Reiki

It is understandable that conservative Christians will not agree to call Reiki, the Holy Spirit. "Anything that heals and brings people closer to God, cannot be the work of an evil."

However, it cannot be denied that the Holy Spirit manifests in the Reiki practices as seen from all documented results of Reiki healing and the lives of the practitioners. When one says that the devil is cunning and he can also heal, this is a misunderstanding. Only God and good can heal, as healing is not only about the physical body but also the spiritual, which means connecting to God. The devil does not connect us to God. As I always say,

There will come a time when Reiki will be understood by many Christians just like as the Catholic Church has now accepted the scientific evidence of those who have been ex-communicated by the church for science. St. Joan of Ark was judged and burned as a witch before redeeming her as a saint and patron of French Revolution. Persecution also happens within the church. However, God is a living God. God will continue to work through the Holy Spirit to spread the light to those who are ready to receive.

God is a universal God.
God manifests in love and service.
Reiki is love and service.

I am a Reiki Teacher.
I am a Christian.

Love and Lights,


photo credits from google photos;
ref: Center for International Reiki Training

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Practicing Reiki and Christianity - Is This Possible? (Reiki and Christianity Part 1)

The question of whether Reiki and Christianity can go together is always a question to the  majority of Christians who practice Reiki. The result of the confusion can be the following : 1) a Christian will become a universalist, dropping the Christian practice as a religion; 2) a Christian continues to practice Reiki and follows a spiritual path without a religion; or  3) a Christian will hide the Reiki practice to fellow Christians for fear of being condemned.  

The question became a confusion in 2009 when the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issued  the “Guidelines For Evaluating Reiki An Alternative Therapy”. It was followed by some groups of conservative Christians who released guidelines on identifying occult practices which included the following: practicing yoga, going to a Buddhist temple, seeing a Chiropractic doctor who diagnoses with Yin and Yang, pranic healing, using crystals, and many others. The most recent was Doreen Virtue's scare campaign also on occult practices, which she practiced before.

It was really saddening for the Catholic and Christians to condemn some spiritual practices outside the Christian faith, denying that those practices have contributed to the good health, good living, finding God and spiritual living of people on Earth. This condemnation is coming from fear and ignorance of other spiritual and religious practices outside the Christian and Catholic faith.

The Response

As a response by the community of Reiki practitioners, a Christian Reiki Group is formed in the United States. Understanding that God is a Universal God and that God is present in all spiritual practices founded by love and service to God and humanity, the Christian Reiki group gives testimonials on how Reiki has strengthened the Christian faith of nuns, priests, and lay people who practice Reiki. 

William Lee Rand of Center for International Reiki Training has also issued a separate statement as a response to the US bishops. 

Reiki and Christianity

Reiki is not a religion, but it represents a universal consciousness of spiritual practice. Mikao
Usui wanted to share reiki to everyone regardless of religion. Like Christianity, Jesus Christ did not form the Christianity as an exclusive religion. He just wanted his followers to follow the spiritual path which he called The Way.

Reiki and Christianity have one thing in common, which is the gift of healing and use of “spiritual energy or universal energy”. Reiki can be related to the Holy Spirit in Christian tradition.

Let us start to compare Reiki and the Holy Spirit: 

Reiki and Christianity as Spiritual Energy

Rei” – means spiritual and “Ki” means energy. Reiki is present in all creation and is the 
living force behind it. There can never be any other spiritual energy that fulfills the creation of all living things other than the spiritual energy which is the manifestation of God.

Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Holy Trinity, an aspect of God.  

The concept of the Holy Spirit falls within the same understanding of Reiki. The difference can come from the human sources which for the Christians are from the patriarchs and apostles in Old and New Testament and for Reiki is  from Mikao Usui, a Buddhist Monk. The concepts of Reiki and the Holy Spirit are also influenced by the cultural traditions and practices of the bearers.

Reiki and the Holy Spirit in the Creation

            Reiki is present in all creation and it is called "universal energy" It is said to be the source of 

            The Holy Spirit is seen to be with Divine attributes and is omniscient. (Heb. 9:14; Cor 2:10-
            11).  In Gen. 1:2, the Holy Spirit is seen as "The Spirit of God hovering over the face of the  
            waters .  It is also known as "ruach" in Genesis which means breath, wind, or divine energy.

            Reiki and the Holy Spirit Are Received Thru A Blessing

            A Reiki practitioner receives an attunement from a Reiki Master to become a practitioner. The
            original word for attunement in Japanese is Reiju which means "Rei"-spiritual and "ju" 
            means blessing. Therefore, attunement means spiritual blessings.
            The Holy Spirit is also received as a blessing. The blessing of the Holy Spirit is in the           
            sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Healing (Annointing of the Sick) and in the Act of the 
            Reconcilliation through the presence of the priest.(John 15; Gal. 4:6)

            Reiki and the Holy Spirit Are The Same with Spiritual  Goal

            The goal of Reiki is to find our true Spiritual Nature, translated into finding our True Self. It 
            is the spiritual energy that birngs us closer to the Divine Creator.

            The Holy Spirit is no different.  The Holy Spirit acts as a Life Giver, Luke 1:35 "Archangel 
            Gabriel said to Mary - the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High 
            will over shadow you."  
            The Holy Spirit is the considered the Advocate - the helpers and comforter. It is the 
            Sanctifier - the one who does the blessing and the Illuminator, the one who fills up the 

            The Manifestation of Reiki and the Holy Spirit  Are No Different

            Here are the gifts of Reiki to a practitioner:

            1.  Knowledge and wisdom on things and life
            2.  Inner understanding and ability to prophesy
            3.  Knowing the past, present and future
            4.  Ability to know the mind of another person
            5.  Ability to know the relationships of people
            6.  Ability to heal.

            The gifts of the Holy Spirit are presented as the same:

            1.  Gifts of Revelation that can manifest as having inner knowledge and wisdom and the 
                  ability of discerning of spirit
            2.  Power Gifts such as gifts of faith, working of miracles, and gift of healing.
             3.  Utterance Gifts seen in the gifts of prophecy, gifts of difference tongues, and 
                  interpretation of tongues.

            Blessed Are you Who are Living with the Grace of Reiki and the Holy Spirit

            The grace of living and practicing Reiki is seen in practicing the Five Reiki Principles 
            which brings : Peace, Trust, Faith, Gratitude, Service and Love.

            The Fruits of the Holy Spirit is no different : Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, 
            Goodness, Faithfulness, Helpfulness, Self-Control (Temperance).

            Reiki and the Holy Spirit Speak of the Same Way to Find God

            Both have the same spiritual way. With Reiki, a practitioner is asked to do spiritual 
            practices which includes Reiki Meditation, Self Healing, Meditation, Healing Others, and
            living with the Reiki Principles (Just For Today, I will not be Angry. Just For Today, I wil
            not worry. Just For today, I will be grateful. Just For Today, I will work hard. Just For   
            Today I will respect all creation.)

Christians follow the Ten Commandments and spiritual work of prayers, reading the
Holy Scripture, and Service.

So, What is the Difference between Reiki and the Holy Spirit

In my practice and analysis, there is no difference. The only differecne between Reiki and the Holy Spirit is cultural in origin. One is developed with the Eastern concept and tradition. While the Holy Spirit is influenced by the Western thoughts.

There is only one God that prevails. The only difference comes from the human minds of lower forms who are still stuck in separeteness and duality. To practice one's Christianity and Reiki is no different from a doctor who practices his religion  while fulfilling his profession.

Let us release the confusion. There is no confusion when we work with the love and service.

I am a Christian who teaches and practices Reiki.
You are a Christian and can practice Reiki.

One with Love
One with Healing
One with God!

Lights and Love,