Sunday, August 23, 2015


Today, I was notified by fellow Reiki Master-Teacher, Sarah Salcedo- Rubin of the newly attuned Reiki III Degree graduates . She called the graduates, “my grandbabies”. I am honored and lift the highest honor to the Divine God, who called us to serve.  Like Sarah who feels exhilirated, I, too feel the same.  

Our Jouney To Be A Reiki Master-Teacher is A Path To Higher Service

Our Reiki life is journey. It is a calling to heal and serve.

In our Reiki First Degree life, we are taught how to heal ourselves. Healing ourselves is our first
lesson.  To heal ourselves is to learn humility. I remember that I was really proud when I was a first degree student. I was a bit curious what else can I learn, when I was already a psychic and also healing with my hands.  However,  healing myself humbled me to learn from others and my teacher. I learned to accept that I am not perfect and I need healing all throughout my life as I go on healing others.

We never stop healing ourselves, the first 21 days is just our practice for a lifetime commitment to heal and cleanse ourselves.” In every stage of our lives, we heal every aspect of our beings – physical, emotional, and spiritual. We also heal different issues on family, relationships, money, career, and even past life experiences.

Our Reiki Second Degree experiences teach us to understand that healing has no border. We are in a  multi-dimensional reality and have no boundaries. We are a multi-dimensional being with different bodies - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our healing is not bounded by physical borders. 

I got excited about healing in a distance and I know all Second Degree Reiki felt the same.  In this level, I started to feel the need to heal every aspect of my life.  In this same life journey, I also dealt with my major karma and learned my lessons. With Reiki, I was able to go through all of them with the acceptance of pain and jubilation.

I have always wanted to serve the world, and becoming a Reiki Master is the means by which I realized this dream. In November, 2006, I met my  Reiki Master-Teachers just about the time that I was asking God to send them to me. I was attuned to be a Reiki Master in 2007 by RMTs Gie and Malou Cordero (both attuned in London by Sandra Straw) and this lifted my service into a higher level of commitment. I committed myself to the service of healing and teaching. I bow my head to my great teachers, RMTs Jo Bilasano, Gi and Margie Santos, and Gie and Malou Cordero.

My fulltime life as Reiki Teacher has expanded my horizon of healing to include my becoming an Angel Healing-Teacher, and an Earth Intuitive Teacher.  How I always love to see Reiki practitioners lifting their service to become teachers. So many teachers are needed. Different forms of healing are needed.

Our Path of Service

Our path of service as a Reiki practitioner opens us to a lot of blessings, it opens doors towards a fulfilling life.  When asked by students, if it is okay to study other energy healing modalities aside from reiki, my answer is “one can study anything as long as the learning makes one a better person”. Reiki is a door and is only one of many gifts of healing from God.

While practicing Reiki, we all will be confronted by the blocks that we have in our psyche. There are four steps that we can do to address our blocks. First step is to examine oneself by answering the following questions:

            1.  When you studied Reiki, what did you intent to do? How did you plan to use it?
2.  What is your vision of yourself as a reiki practitioner?
3.  How do you see yourself contributing to change the world for a better humanity?
4.  How do you see yourself contributing to the Lightwork?

All the answers that we have in the above query are our aspirations and the visions of ourselves. These visions and aspirations started when we were young and developed as we grew up. Some of us still have this vision; others have dropped them on their search to survive.

The Second Step is to do a SELF-Talk. Follow the column below. In the first column, write the vision as a Reiki practitioner; in the second column, write all the encouraging affirmations or words that inspire you to pursue the vision; and lastly, on the third column, write all the blocking thoughts to pursue the dream.

(What inspire me to do this?
/ What inspire me to practice Reiki)
(What blocks me from doing what I want? Or pursuing what I want?/  What blocks me from practicing Reiki on myself and others? Or practicing publicly.)
I want to …………………

Ex. It’s timely.
       I have the talent.
       I have the support
Ex. My family won’t approve.
       I might not do it

The third column, ME-2 is our EGO. The Ego is a part of our personality. It is the force that identifies to ourselves. It is the driving force to make us to do things for ourselves, for our own sake.  Yet, our ego is not our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is a part of our Self related to the Divine plan to a wider consciousness other than Self.

Our EGO plays a bigger role when we try to lead a spiritual path or make a way to our dreamed Reiki career. Our EGO acts as our critic, the one who uses so much logic, and then foster fear. It is always said that the bigger the life purpose is, the more inner critic one can have. 

Our EGO’s tactics can manifest in the forms of a fear (fear to come out, fear of failure, etc) ;  addiction whether substance or behavior; delaying behavior or consequences such as – like claiming that one is not prepared, getting busy with  other matters such as personal or other things and setting conditionalities before one sets the foot on.

Some Reiki practitioners may find themselves moving away from fully practicing reiki .  The reason for this is that our EGO has overpowered our Higher Self. Let us be aware of how our EGO works and discard the limiting beliefs.

Our third step is to live with the Reiki Principles.

Our Reiki Principles are a guide of living. We call it Reiki Living. This is our tool to pass through all the EGO talks that we meet on our healing journey.

Just For Today, I will not be angry. I am PEACE!

When our mind is cluttered with all thoughts from our EGO, we can sit or lie down, close our eyes and look for the inner peace that we have in our inner selves. With our eyes closed, we can expand our awareness and look beyond space to find our connection to the Divine Creator, this feeling of Oneness, and this feeling where there is no fear. When we find this feeling with God, we allow our Higher Selves to transform our EGO thoughts and transform them into empowering and spiritual affirmations that know no limitations.

Just for Today, I will not worry. I trust! 

When we pray, when we utter our spiritual affirmations, we are allowing the Divine Grace to work for us. We release our fear and attachments to the results. We trust that everything will be alright in our journey.  We can never be rich in our Reiki practice, but all our needs are met and provided. Help, money, and resources come in different ways.

Just for today, I show gratitude. I honor my Parents and Teachers!

Becoming grateful for what we have is our key to success, as there no good or bad things in life. Giving no judgement to things or events but only gratefulness, allows us to walk with light amidst

Second to God, honoring our parents and teachers release us from negative karma. Our parents and teachers may not be perfect in our own eyes but it is from them that we have become what we are today. In many ways, let us honor them. (By the way, Mikao Usui’s birthday was last August 15.)

Just for today, I work hard.

We never stop working on ourselves. We work hard to heal ourselves, to make amends to any wrong-doings, and to study more our life, spirituality and healing.

Let us integrate reiki in our life. Reiki your income, reiki the food, reiki the work, solve problems with reiki, or reiki everything in our lives. Pray, Meditate, and Heal with Reiki.

Just for today, I am kind to all Beings. I am LOVE!

This is the fruit of our work. On our journey, we become LOVE. When we have our challenges here, we go back to the first and second principle.


Our fourth step is claiming who we really are. As Doreen Virtue (Angel Healer and Channel) has said, introduce yourself as the person you want to be known.

On this journey of healing, start to call yourself the healer you want to be. I do now. :-)


So Be It!