Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Starting Our Year With A New Space Energy

Our year promises  a new start if we begin wth a new space energy in our home. The wise and spiritual way to do this is to do a space blessing or space clearing in our own space such as home, office, working area, etc.  Like the physical cleaning ,  space clearing is also done regularly.  While the physical cleaning is aimed at removing dirt and trash, space clearing is aimed at clearing the unwanted energies on the etheric plane of our space.

                Though we can’t see it, unwanted energies are felt by us.  Uneasy feeling in a room or space that used to be our haven for rest is one of the signs of the accumulation of these unwanted energies.  Others can be a feeling of an unseen beings,  eerie presence, frequent illness in the house, continuous nightmares, and unexplainable moodiness of babies.

                Where do these unwanted energies come from? First, unwanted energies can come from strong emotions and thought forms.  These may come from the people living or working on the space or people who come to visit. All strong emotions and thoughts like anger, fear, terror, disturbance, or sadness are imprinted on the space of activity. All the happenings in our space be it positive or negative all have imprints in our space.

                There are specific occasions when a space clearing is urgently needed.  These are the following:

1.  The place feels haunted
2.  When divorce or separation, death, disputes, calamity, or abuse have  occurred
3.  After a large gathering
4.  Unusual fear or anger or feeling tired and depressed since moving in
5.  Behavioral changes on pets and babies
6.  Actual sightings of departed ones
7.  Real estate that is not earning or couldn’t be sold

                There are also specific places that really need the urgent or regular space clearing:

1.  Homes or Spaces near cemetery and hospitals
2.  Historical homes
3.  Rental property
4.  Newly acquired property with used furniture
5.  Spaces decorated with antiques
6.  Spaces vacant for a long time

                Space clearing can be simple or complex.  All simple space clearing can be performed by anybody, while complex space clearing should be done with the help of a priest, an energy or spiritual healer. The complexities are based on the characteristics of the place or situation that need urgent attention.

For simple space clearing, one can do the following:

1.  Choose an area of the house where you feel centered,
2.  Light a candle and burn incense.
3.  Say a prayer to call the Divine Being to be with your protection and help on space clearing,
3.  Visualize a Divine Light shining on your crown. Then moving through your body down to the soles of your feet,
4.  Feel this Divine energy expanding and moving into each area of the house or space.  Ask Divine help for this visualization process. One can feel if the energizing of the place is already finished.
5.  Thank the Divine Being(s) for the blessing and assistance.

                Another way, is to throw salt in every area as one visualizes and goes around the space. If one is an angel  or a reiki healer, one can can use the same energies in space clearing. One can go around the house healing every space, just as is done when healing a person.

                A space clearing should not be boring, one can be creative like incorportating songs, chants, poems, prayers and movements during the ritual.  One can invitie a ceremonialist to help on this creative and energy work.

                Let us now start doing this is in our space and one can feel the difference.  Should there be a complexity of the space to be cleared, ask for assistance. One can ask assitance from reiki groups, angel ligthworkers, and earth intuitive workers.  

Lights and Blessings for the New Year