Sunday, December 30, 2012

Free Will Is A Gift From God, Life Comes From the Spirit

I am also a mother. I had experienced unwanted pregnancy and pondered also on different options.  With the RH Bill, I have life to share.  But instead of my experiences, I prefer to share the result of my inner dialogue on Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines:

The question about life and free will stir the air.  People who are called human rights advocates  are fighting against the institutional church who stands as pro-life on the passing of Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) in the Philippines.  Both groups are in a way coming from the essence of the Divine Creator – free will and the reverence to God-given life.  However, the unity on the matter needs a higher understanding of life and free will and may not be resolved by our own human judgement and ways.

Free will is a gift from God. When the Divine Creator made human beings as co-creators on earth, He/She gave humans the gifts of free will and the law of cause and effect (law of karma).  Free will enables human to do whatever it may want to do on earth, there are no restraints.  God will never interfere to any personal decisions of any human being. God does not lift a finger if something goes astray because the free will is balanced by the law of cause and effect or the law of karma. Human beings reap the fruits of their own labor, as the life goes into a cycle of life, death and re-birth, until the soul go into remembering that essence of the spirit, and decides to go back to the full essence of the Divine Creator.

Life comes from God.  Life comes from the Spirit.  There had been so much debate on where in the conception does the human life begin.  This question forgets that everything begins from the Spirit. All the inner teachings for different religions know this.  Life does not begin in any of the tri-mester of pregnancy.  It begins long before the physical manifestation. The signs of life in a mother’s womb is just a physical manifestation of life that begins before the conception.

The soul decides to live on earth and chooses his/her own race, country, parents, situation and so on, all situations needed to learn the lesson of his/her life. Everything is a sacred contract.  There is a soul mission and purpose for every incarnation. 

Some souls may decide not to pursue the incarnation for different reasons such as  parents not ready to conceive nor raise a child, or just to give parents a lesson related thru the conception. This can be seen in some cases of miscarriage or fetal deaths, and others.  While other souls are firm in their decision to incarnate, and this can be seen in the live births, no matter how the challenges of the the conception can be.  This can be seen in some case of of babies surviving even with abortive attempts by the mothers.  However, some souls can become undecisive to live upon birth, and this can be the case of some babies born with congenital problems related to the brain or head as in the case of hydrocephalus, meningitis, cerebral palsy, and others. 

The debate on the lifel is one matter that can only be resolved as humanity or Filipinos grow on the awareness of life and spirit.  There is no need to fight over this since the law of karma will takes its course on any matter.  As a nation, what the Filipinos need is to provide the growth for the understanding of spirit and  life and application of free will with full understanding on the cycle of life.  Decisions made on the matter of pregnancy should not be with the understanding that life begins from the spiritual plane and its only God or the incarnating soul knows if the physical birth is prevented because of abortion or any intervention during the pregnancy.  In this case, the law of karma applies, not even the human judgement can be applied on this.  This is a soul relationship between the parents and the soul of unborn baby.  All mothers have inner knowing if a physical incarnation is prevented, because the conscience plays a big role in knowing the truth.

I am praying and calling on others to pray:

1.  For the church, to continue its role in evangelizing Filipinos on the sacredness of life without condemning those who opted to choose to be pro RH.  Vigilant yet with loving understanding for those who oppose the Catholic Church teachings.

2.  For the state, to consciously promote the human rights under the spiritual law of free will, that free will is meant for everyone to have the right spiritual choice for oneself and to understand that life is spiritual in nature not just physical.

3.  For all to understand that conception is a physical manifestation of the intention of a soul to incarnate. 

4.  For the parents to reflect on their free choice regarding pregnancy and that they be guided with the spiritual law of the cycle of rebirth.

5.  For those who are undecided to bear the pregnancy, that they may converse with Gof about their fear and the situation; that they may also communicate to the incarnating soul about their decision on pregnancy. (Note that the soul responds either by pursuing the physical life or in many cases, deciding not to incarnate anymore that miscarriages, natal deaths, happen on its law.)

6.  For those who are challenged with fear on pregnancy, may they understand that it is the Divine Creator who provides for all our needs.  God is more present for those who believe in the miracle of life. We don’t raise life alone.  God is our partner if we allow the intervention.

7.  For us all to continue to pray for enlightenment on this matter as bearer of life.

8.  That this challenge hasten the process of oneness in all.  

As the process goes, Divine Source will manifest more in our lives.

May the Light of the Divine Source pour unto us!
May the Love of the Divine Source fill our hearts!

Lights ans Love,