Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reiki is the Healing That I Do

Reiki is an ancient healing system of laying of hands derived from Tibetan Buddhism. It is a special healing energy that is much more than a simple. It is guided by the Divine Source.

Reiki is the Universal Life Force being channeled by the Healer into the patient's body. Unlike any other healing practice, there is no body manipulation as the energy is being channeled.

Reiki can do the following:

1. Release the accumulated stress.
2. Balance inner systems and heals emotional, mental, spiritual and physical imbalances.
3. It compliments with other healing modalities. It does not interfere with any medical treatment, rather quickens the healing time.

Reiki can be learned by anybody through a reiki master-teacher.

This is a gift of healing available for all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Healing The Country, the Philippines-Part One

I took time to watch the late evening news last nite to see all the presidential candidates. Like any other Filipinos, I look forward for a change in our country. I also look into the candidates who can bring the change. But as a healer, I would like to see beyond these physical changes.

While the country is preparing for the upcoming May,2010 Election, let us go deep into the healing of our land.

Let's Heal Our Past

Just like the healing of individuals, we, as a nation can't move on if we are bugged down by our past. As a nation, we have been colonized by Spain, United States, Japan. We call ourselves semi-colonized at present.

Nothing happens without reasons. We, as a nation also act as one in the spirit. Thereby, we are all governed by any spiritual laws and reasons.

We are now called to heal our past. Forgive whoever had hurted us as a nation. This doesn't mean being passive for the concerns of the present moment, but looking into the past with the acceptance that it had happened and reflecting what could have been the meaning and lessons of those past experiences in our life as nation.

For Reflection and prayers, we can do the following:

1. As a Filipino, allot a day of prayer to release us from the haunting of our history.
2. Send forgiveness to those who hurted us as a nation.
3. Reflect on the lessons and the meanings of the past history:
- what have we become out of those colonization?
- as a Filipino, what good things can we continue from the experiences?
- as a Filipino, what weaknesses should we be released from?
- as a Filipino, as the present moment, where are we being led by those experieces?
- what is our calling as a nation of the world?
4. Lastly, let us all be driven by love not out of anger when we act as a nation.

Achieving Peace and Justice

We all want peace and justice. And peace should start from ourselves. We can't work for peace if our own means to achieve it is tainted with violence in a form of anger, animosity, and power-over-force. Peace relates to non-violence in our thoughts, words, and deeds.

Justice is only realized when we have peace in our hearts. Justice is realized when we look into a wider view of happenings and see that in different ways, justice have been achieved. Sometimes, we have to look beyond the legal courts and arena to know that our fight for justice has been achieved.

A fight for justice should never be tiring if we are meant to receive a humanely defined justice as winning a lawsuit, finding missing friends and relatives, receiving just salaries and others. But if we become tired, lose hopes, and driven more by anger, then we have to reflect back - maybe the justice could be in a different form, and will be balanced in a form of karma.

Majority of the Filipinos, hate the Marcoses and the cronies. We all condemn men who abused women and children.Release ourselves from hate but instead give compassion because they can never escape the law of karma. They also need healing.

For Reflection and prayers, we can do the following:

1. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place.
2. Put yourself in silence.
3. Experience peace within your heart.
4. As you feel peace, imagine it expanding beyond yourself-to the surroundings, to the nation, and to the perpetrators of violence.
5. Then let peace be felt again with in your heart.
6. After this, 10-15 mins. meditation of peace, try to look again to the situation or person from which or whom you felt injustices, I am sure one will have a feeling or perspective.

Burning The Light in Our Road

The Filipinos will all be busy in choosing their presidential candidates. One thing that is different now, is that a new level of spiritual evolution is happening in our country, a part of the universal evolution.

We can never have the real democracy, peace and justice until we have become spiritually evolved. This will never happened yet in any place in the world. Because this calls for a self-transformation thereby affecting the social transformation.

In our quest for a good president, let us begin with the idea that all presidential candidates begin with their golden dream for the country. However, each one will work based on their own spirits. A president is a symbol of the nation - our group awareness, hearts, and actions. If majority of the Filipinos have worked for the betterment of their hearts,minds, and souls then we will really have our best president. It is a dream to put all our hope on any president, let us put hopes in ourselves.

For Reflection and prayers, we can do the following:

1. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place. Have all the names of our presidentiables or candidates written in a piece of paper
2. Put yourself in silence.
3. Feel love within your hearts. Let this feeling expand beyon yourself.
5. Then let love be felt again with in your heart.
6. After this, 10-15 mins. meditation of love, try to look again into the candidates. With each name or picture, feel who resonates with your feeling of love. Let no reason contradict the feelings.
7. This will guide us with our heart in finding the right ones for the Filipinos.
8. Let this love be the burning light in our road.

It is a long road for our nation but we are moving.

Every step is healing. Every step is healing our land.

Lights and Love