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A lot of people are asking me about Reiki Teachers who had studied with me. So, I thought of introducing them on my one by one on my blog. Let me start with myself. :-)

How Did I Become Reiki A Practitioner?

Like many others, my Reiki Journey is an unfolding life experience. Reiki came to me in search for a name that I can call the kind of healing that I do. At first, I thought that I will just use Reiki to name my healing practice. I thought I knew everything in healing before I studied it. But NO - Reiki is more than a name. Reiki is a gift that surprises me every day. It expanded and developed my own way of healing into a higher level of service.

My Own Healing Before Reiki

My early exposure to meditation, faith-healing and paranormal phenomenon led me to hands-on healing at the age of 12 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. To ease her pain, she would ask me to lay my hands on her chest and stomach. She believed that I was gifted and would be a healer as told by many faith-healers and psychics that she consulted.

 As a child, I remember being told that dwarfs and fairies were fond of me. Each of the “albolaryo” (faith or folk healers) that my mother met said that they would train me when I grow up. Only one did. He was the father of my Godmother, and he gave me a few lessons before he died when I was 8 years old.  Since then, I just knew I could heal.

I was a voracious reader. At 12, I had read the four volumes of medical encyclopedia, world history, spiritual writings, Bible-New Testament, Lives of Saints, and many psychic books. All these made me a dreamer. I dreamed of Jesus, Mary and different saints. I dreamed of past and future events.

I started to come out as a healer and psychic in 1998. Attending the seminars of Jimmy Licauco (where we all started) made me feel comfortable to accept the gifts in public.  Yehey! But my dilemma was I did not want to be called a faith-healer nor an albolaryo. So, I prayed to God to give me the name and God introduced me to - RIEKI.

Opening the Path to Reiki

I came across the name Reiki when one of the members of my ECOFEMINISM yahoo group said that she was a Reiki Practitioner. Curious about Reiki, I searched for the meaning of Reiki and EUREKA – it fitted my own way of healing. I prayed to God and asked that I might be a given a teacher of Reiki who would teach me at an affordable cost.

In 2004, I studied Reiki First Degree under Master Jo Bilasano through the scholarship of former Senator Jamby Madrigal. (Thank you, Senator! I wish I can give something back to you.)

Reiki had taught me humility. I thought I knew everything since I was already healing through my hands. I thought I didn’t need a teacher since I connect directly to God. The truth is that a human teacher is our Guide, and as a human, we all hunger for more lessons on healing.

Wanting for more learning, I attained my Reiki Second Degree in 2005 from two schools – still with AWHAI under Master Jo Bilasano and Tripitaka Healing Centre with Master Ghie and Margie Santos.

                                                 My Second Degree Reiki Teachers 
                                                                       Ghie and Margie Santos

Guided To Be A Teacher

My heart was screaming in 2006; I wanted to be a Reiki-Teacher. Again, I prayed to God that I may be given a Reiki Teacher who would see that I have a gift to teach at an affordable cost to me.  As always, God answered. In November 2006, I met a couple who asked me to visit their home for healing. After the healing session, they asked me about my level of Reiki practice and if I wanted to be a Reiki Teacher. Seeing my passion for healing, the couple offered to attune me to be at the Reiki Master Level.  I felt so high in the Spirit of God. I felt I was on the right path.

In January, 2007, I was attuned to be a Reiki Teacher by Masters Ghie and Malou Cordero – both independent Reiki Teachers who had just come home to the country from London. Since then, my life has indeed become a spiritual work and full of healing. It has become a process of knowing more about life and my nature as a creation of God.

Cosmic Healing

Since, 2007 I have been fulltime in healing and teaching Reiki, and offering psychic and spiritual courses. This is my unfolding path, my path to self and life discovery. This discovery unfolds as I go into this world of service.

                                                        2009 Reiki in Davao

Reiki led me to take my healing into what I call now my Cosmic Work which is expressed through Reiki, Earth-Healing, and Angel Light work. 

The people that I meet in the path are all my teachers. My own family is my solid foundation on Earth to be able to be of service.

Thanks be to God for life and Creation!

                                           Recent Reiki Class in British Virgin Islands - 2017

Just for today, I am at peace.
Just for today, I trust.
Just for today, I am grateful
Just for today, I work joyfully
Just for today, I am Love.


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