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On Doreen Virtue’s – New Life With Jesus

Finally, I found my time to write about Doreen Virtue. I watched the videos about her new life with Jesus last Monday – August Full Moon through one of my student-friends and fellow Lightworker. Like Doreen, I also prayed to God and Jesus to know if I should react and write or not. The message was that I should write for the benefit of my students who asked me, for those who follow Doreen and for other Lightworkers like myself.

Let me first tell you about myself. I call my work Cosmic Healing, as shown in my website naming myself as a Cosmic Healer ( which is revisions at the moment). I practice and teach Reiki. I work with the Angels and also teach Angel Classes. I channel healing for the Earth, which I call Earth Intuitive Work, and recently I just got certified as a Fengshui Consultant. Among all these, I am an acupuncturist, practicing Chaka Acupuncture.

I grew up as a Catholic, literally in the church as – a child attending cathechism, a Student Catholic Action (SCA) member, a choir member, and a frequent visitor to Carmelite Nuns and Capuchin Seminaries. When I was in third year high school, I attended a Bible History and Facilitators’ Training together with the nuns, priests and theologians by being a part of Basic Christian Community Workers. I was the youngest in the class and was not supposed to be there, but because I was already present and it was not my fault to be there but due to some misunderstanding, I was accepted in the class. I was privileged to be taught by known theologians in our country, the Philippines.

From an early age, I have had a connection with God through the Catholic Church. I talked to Jesus, Mary, and the Saints. They appeared to me in dreams. I asked questions and they answered. I would have visions but I kept my experiences to myself, as I didn’t want anyone to doubt me.  I knew how some saints and seers suffered from persecution before being accepted. I didn’t want to go into such an ordeal at an early age.

I promised God that my life will always be according to the work of service for Him. Whatever work that I have done in my life is according to the revelation of how I would serve God. I became a social activist. I worked with the nuns and priests on socio-apostolate and had a wide exposure to serving people of different classes.

When people ask me what is my religion, I always say, “I am a Catholic, but I also practice what is good from other spiritual practices as I am beyond religion”. This means, I go to church every Sunday. I do my confessions and receive Holy Communion, I pray the rosary and read the bible. On the other hand, I also practice meditation and have been chanting “Om Mani Pad Me Hung” since I was eight years old. I practice yoga. I am an Esoteric Student who loves Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, and all the spiritual teachers and saints.

I might be called an eclectic. Maybe, but this is because in my search for knowledge, Jesus led me to study and know God beyond religions. Maybe because "katholikos" means universal or whole or in general. At the age of 12 I wrote to my sister my childhood discovery that “all religions are one, and we are are praying to the same God.


While Doreen Virtue has already been popular for decades, I only got to know her and her work in 2012. When we were preparing for the Angel-Reiki Retreat, one of my students asked me if I knew Doreen Virtue, and I said, “ No”. Since I was told that Doreen is a popular angel healer, I researched to know about her. I openly endorsed Doreen this year when she did her Angel Summit. I even thought of getting her courses but I realized it would be just getting her name more than the course since I am already teaching Angel Classes… so I did not pursue. I have nothing against her work; it is just that I want to learn more.

My Message for Doreen

For Doreen, I am so happy that you have found Jesus and are realizing more of His presence. I am happy that you are enjoying love and life in being with a church or organized religion. I am happy that you are living with your truth.
I know that by this time, a lot of people are happy for you, while others are confused and some have felt betrayed. We cannot deny that there are others who are so happy to use your pronouncement against the so called new age spirituality. My message concerns the confusion that your statement may have caused for your followers, and I hope that this message will guide you in amending some of your future statements, so as to avoid any such confusion.

There are several points that I wish to tell you:

First, organized religions are ways for people to know God. It is also an avenue where one experiences community and belongingness. Each religion has its own charism, attending to the needs of the congregation. Each religion depicts a level of consciousness of the people.

The problem with organized religion arises when a church creates a dogma that is meant to preserve a status of dominance over the people or against other religions. In this case, the religion acts as an institution rather than an avenue for spirituality.

The truth is that when one really seeks God through a religion, one will find LOVE and realizes that God is beyond each religion. God is above all religions, and therefore is not confined by any religion.  We are all familiar with the saying that “Christ did not form Christianity nor Buddha Buddhism.” It is the need of man to be together and to form unity, which created the religions.

Your act Doreen of going into an organized religion is an act of finding a belongingness. This is like a  person who never experienced a community during childhood and then found it later in life. There is nothing wrong with this. Perhaps this is what you need now. What seems to be not right is your comparing your newly found church to others, by saying that 85%-90% of truth and openness is found in your church. Even though you said that this is your personal experience,  you are influencing or affecting others by saying it in your weekly broadcast. Your weekly broadcast is meant to influence others. This is where the fundamentalism comes in, where one finds oneself comparing and competing with others on righteousness about the Kingdom of God. Fundamentalism in the church also condemns others who belong to other religions and those who do not have one.

Please remember that God is beyond and above all religions. One can also found the 85-90% of happiness and openness in other churches, or within or without religion. I have worked with indigenous people and have found the purest hearts and strongest examples of faith in God among them, without a religion or a church. God is universal and is not confined to any religions. 

Are you now trying to promote God and spirituality within the structure of a church or you still believe in the universality of God? What ever your decision is okay. You just need to be clear with yourself and not be an instrument to attack others.

Second, Jesus is above all religions. I know you are so happy finding Jesus more with the help of your new church. I am also happy for you.  However, please know that knowing Jesus is not confined to any one religion or specific church. Jesus appears to believers and non-believers. I can give you documented cases if you need them. Jesus is also in the Quran.

Please do not go into claiming how to call the ‘real’ Jesus as if others are not calling the real one. If you continue to do this – differentiating your way of calling Jesus to others will find yourself enveloped with fear and defensiveness which is not love.  As the Bible says, the tree is known by its fruit.

Our heart knows how to call Jesus. Calling Jesus is not based on sweet, identifying words but through the heart.  Our acts will show it. I know, you said something about other entities appearing as a false Jesus. In reality, false Jesus can only be known by the message that we receive and act upon. Jesus’ message is always about unconditional love and not fostering fear or guilt. His message has an authority yet not commanding. His message gives us free-will and not blind obedience.

Third, I saw that you have a new book with the word “the real path or the real way”.  Have you been in the wrong way? Have you taught others on how to be in the wrong way? If you believe that you have put others in the wrong path, as you are now denouncing your previous work, then you have done them wrong. You owe them apologies. Maybe you should contact each one directly and give a refund to those you certified.It is not really wise to announce first to social media rather than to people who have worked with you.

Do you know the middle way? Do you now join the competition of  “which is real right way”? Will you be busy like other fundamentalist-conservative churches labeling others who do not join you as those who follow the wrong path? Please remember that unconditional love does not foster judgment. Let us not use words that divide us from others. Let us not use words that put us into self-righteousness above others.

Fourth, I understand you are giving up mediumship, tarot cards, and your beliefs with ascended masters and fairies. As you said, it is because these teachings and practices are not in the Bible or are  against Biblical teachings.  Please remember that Bible is just one of the many spiritual books and references. Let us not confine God into one book, as God speaks in many ways and many forms. It does not mean that if one practices something that is not in the Bible that it is wrong or devilish.

The Bible is a historical, symbolic, and spiritual book. This means we have to contextualize everything that is written in the bible with the awakened mind. Again, we go back to the writing that says that the “tree is known by its fruit”.  Anything that heals and bring people closer to God cannot be a work of evil. There are Truths that are not written in the Bible or should I say have been deleted from the Bible.

Spaniards used Christianity and the Bible to colonize our country (Philippines) for 300 years. The Jones Cult in Guyana used it to massacre people. Anyone can always use the Bible in different ways. Let us use it to foster understanding and not to judge other practices which bring healing and God into our lives.

On your Angel Cards: You said that your Angel Tarot Cards will still be available in Hay House until next year. You also said, that you shall not be getting proceeds from them and everything will go to fund your favorite charity. Why wait for another year to phase it out when you no longer endorse them? Let your present truth be your deciding factor not money. Money is energy. Why will you give money drawn from something that you no longer believe in to your beloved charity? Is this an act of love or a double-edged act?

Using Cards on reading: Not using Tarot Cards yet using other cards to do your reading may confuse people. This is because all cards used for guidance use the same principle of using the cards as a tool for intuition. Did you find using cards in the bible? Using cards and using Tarot cards are of the same principle. Why accept the other plain cards and denounce the tarot cards? At one point, you were trying to merge Angel Cards and Tarot Cards which is really a confusion. Now you are trying to get away from Tarot because it is not in the Bible and use non-Tarot cards. I really pray that you settle your mind and decide based on your real truth and higher guidance. I know that you made different cards based on what is closer to the hearts of the wide spiritual community that you belonged to before. Now, you are denouncing Tarot Cards and other cards you have made before because these are not accepted by your church. I understand public denouncement is a must because you are a public figure.

On Pagan Gods:  You said, that you no longer worship Pagan Gods but only God and Jesus. I am really sad with this pronouncement I can understand you but it is sad to know the nature of beliefs that you have had before. This is like repeating the conflicts that only lower human minds made – a fight between the God of Christians and non-Christians. Don’t you remember that different Pagan Gods are just the attributes of one God?

The truth is you can always stop any practice silently without a public announcement. You can stop using tarot cards, mediumship, and association to Pagan Gods silently as this is your personal decision. This silent phase out will prevent you from hurting other people who do not resonate with you but are also in spiritual journey like you. This will also stop you from being used by fundamentalist-conservative churches to attack other forms of spirituality.

Sixth, remember that organized religion is divided into conservative and progressive ones. I worked in the church for a long time. I have taught Reiki and have been a psychic consult to the progressive wing of the church. I pray for your journey.

For my students and other Lightworkers, the message is simple:

Let us accept ourselves. Know our TRUTH!

Let us accept and respect Doreen’s journey. Let us accept her difference. I wrote this to answer some questions that are directed to me and clarify things as a teacher.

While we all have human teachers, let us continue to seek our connection to the Divine Guidance in our own way. There is no right or wrong way in Love and Service. The tree is known by its fruit.

Pray for your teachers and colleagues in work. Love and protect one another.




Love and Lights,


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