Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Palms together in a praying position, held on the level of the heart, is a universal gesture of connecting to the Divine Creator. We see this hand position in different religion and spiritual practices.  In Reiki, we call this position, “gassho”.

Gassho meditation is my favorite Reiki Meditation. Not only that it is simple but the thought of connecting to the Divine Creator during the meditation brings me bliss.

The Meaning of Gassho

The meaning of Gassho is seen in the hand position. Two hands put together in unity. It is the unification of two opposites. Its’ deeper meaning is non-duality or oneness with All. Mikao Usui instructed that Reiki practitioners say the Reiki precepts with hands held in gassho position to remember one’s non-duality by nature.

Meditate with Gassho

While all Reiki practices starts with Gassho, one can remain in gassho to meditate. When meditating with gassho, one must feel the Oneness symbolized by hand position. One must feel the oneness with All and oneness with God. One can start to meditate for 10 mins., then later increase to 15, then later 20 mins. and longer if comfortable.

Let Us Do the Gassho Meditation

The following is the guide for the Gassho Meditation:

1.  Center onself. Find the most comfortable sitting position. (One can also do this in a standing 

2.  Put your hands in the gassho position.

3.  As you breath in and breath out, feel the connection to the Divine Creator.

4.  Expand the feeling of connection to everything that surrounds you. Stay with the feeling of 

5.  Whenever the mind wanders, bring oneself into focus by pressing the middle finger, then bring
      back to the feeling of connectedness to the Divine Creator and with All.

6.  Do the meditation for 10 - 20 minutes. One can increase into a longer duration when ready.
Gassho Meditation keeps my mind in peace. Gassho Meditation keeps me connected to the Source. 

What is your experience with Gassho?

Love and Lights,

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