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On Reiki Healing and Depression

On Reiki Healing and Depression

Robin Williams’ death prompted me to share about reiki, energy diagnosis and depression. Robin has indeed made depression a household topic now. 

People who come to me for reiki healing for their depression are usually medically diagnosed, while some are just self-labelled for this condition by the clients themselves. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, here are some of the major signs and symptoms:

1.       Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings
2.       Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism
3.       Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness
4.       Irritability, restlessness
5.       Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex
6.       Fatigue and decreased energy
7.       Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions
8.       Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping
9.       Overeating, or appetite loss
10.   Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts
11.   Aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment

In my experience on reiki healing for depression, the energy diagnosis varies.  I would classify them as Alert Case and ALARM Case.  Note that on reiki, the diagnosis is based on the condition of the energy centers popularly known as chakra(s).  These energy centers or chakras are like wheels of energies where the human energy fields flow to nourish our human physical body along with the subtle body.  The subtle body is the non-physical layer of the human body that relates to the emotions, mental and spiritual state of being.

I show here the energy centers as related to the mental and emotional state in reference to the case of depression:

     1.      Base
At the end of the tail bone or coccyx region
Ability to stand for self, feeling at home, will to live
     2.      Sacral
At the lower part of the stomach, about 2 inches below the navel.
Ability to manifest material or physical creativity, feeling of guilt
     3.     Solar Plexus
At the upper part of the stomach about 2 inches above the navel.
Will power, Trust, fear , self- esteem/ confidence, care for Oneself/ Others,  anger
     4.      Heart
At the heart center
Love and Hatred, Resentment and Bitterness, Grief 
     5.      Throat
Center of throat
Ability to communicate and make choices in life
     6.      Forehead
Center of the forehead
Foresight, Intellectual Abilities, Feeling of Adequacy, Openness to Other’s Ideas, Ability to learn from experience,
      7.     Crown
At the top of the head
Ability to trust life, ability to see larger patterns,  faith
and inspiration,  spirituality and

The emanation of aura or energy from the chakras can be detected thru a quantum machine or psychically seen or felt by a gifted healer or any reiki practitioner. Seeing the conditions of the energy centers helps in understanding the condition of the depressed person beyond the physical symptoms and focusing the healing into the subtle body.


Majority of the people who come to me are on the ALARM CASE. What to me is the ALARM CASE?

In the ALARM Case, a person has a strong base, a depleted sex energy center, a depleted or congested solar plexus, a depleted and congested heart, a depleted forehead and imbalanced or strong crown energy centers.

This kind of person, even though appearing sad and depressed, still has a willingness to live, as seen in the strong base energy center. Sad and depressive moods are usually a camouflaged feeling of anger, fear and frustration that steamed out from painful experiences in life. These can be seen in the congestion or depletion of the solar plexus and heart energy centers.  These emotions block the ability to see the larger patterns of life, thus preventing the flow of spiritual inspiration, a condition that can be seen on the depleted forehead and imbalanced crown energy centers.

DEFINING ALERT CASE                

The vital energy signs that I am looking for in an ALERT CASE consist of a depleted base , closed heart and  depleted forehead and crown energy centers.  In this case, a person with this state of energy has lost the willingness to live as seen in the depleted base energy center.  With a closed heart energy center, a person is so deeply hurt that he/she doesn’t  want to relate to anyone.  This means the person is closing his/her heart to the world. A closed heart can often lead to the depletion of the forehead energy center.  A depleted forehead energy center means the person does not see any hope in the future nor does he or she want to receive any inspiration about the future. Lastly, the depleted crown means, that there is no spiritual energy flowing into the person and that the person is blocking any spiritual awakening that could happen during the state of depression. This is the overall energy state  that could lead a person to commit suicide. However, sometimes a spiritual intervention can happen where a “normal” (as compared to suicidal which is not normal) death through sudden illness, stroke or even an accident may release the person into such a physical state.


I use reiki to help people who suffer from depression. This is not new, since reiki  has been accepted in the world through various types of research and the sharing of experiences by people who have experienced reiki treatments. The most noted ones are the Touch Stone Project conducted by the Center for Reiki Research (CRR) and Reiki Research-Australia.  Significant reduction of symptoms of depression, perceived stress, hopelessness, and physiological stress are among the effects.

Depression is more than a physical illness.  Using reiki for treatments focuses on treating beyond the physical body which is the subtle body where the thoughts and emotions reside. It is done by laying of hands on each of the energy centers of the body to balance and heal blocked energy centers.

In my experience, classifying the clients into Alarm and Alert Cases helps me to determine the level of depression. Both cases will involve a series of reiki emotional and transformational healing sessions.  In the Alarm Case when emotional pain has been released, the client will recover quickly.  Releasing and understanding the pain can unblock the forehead energy center that will enable the person to see hope in the future and to trust in the Divine intervention. While the Alert Case needs a deep spiritual and transformational healing.

No Alert Case of depression can be healed without spiritual healing. Because it’s only by reconnecting to the Divine Essence or God that one can understand the meaning of what one perceived as a hopeless situation in life. Through spiritual healing, a transformation happens, transforming despair into hope, pain into trust, hurt into forgiveness, and aloneness into oneness.  The challenge for me comes when a client does not believe in God. Yet, God has a way. The peace that comes during the treatments in a series of sessions usually brings the magic of trust and later into an understanding that there is a Divine Being up there somewhere and beyond. It is also my deep prayer that reiki treatments will lead people into the understanding that there is a God who gives us life. This realization is the ultimate healing for depression.

Thru balancing and healing the energy centers that need healing, a person’s pain can be released, a heart can again love, a vision can be seen and Divine inspiration can flow.

There is always hope. The message that I get in healing people with depression is that this is just a state of being, not a condition. If taken as spiritual or soul dis-ease, what is considered a breakdown can be a BREAKTHROUGH.

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Photos from Google Photos
Illustrations of Chakras from Healing With the Lights of Brenda Brenan

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