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( I wrote this material after I received a question from a fellow reiki healer on how to deal with oneself regarding signs of depression. This is a follow up from my previous writing on depression.  Thanks for the query for giving me inspiration to write.)

Health Line reports that an estimate number of  121 M people around the world currently suffer from some forms of depression.  This could be alarming. But what is more alarming is how  the society usually sees depression. Let us quote here the words from Maureen Roberts, Phd, a Soul Therapist in Australia:
               sufferers of depression are often forced to endure, 
                 in addition to their pain and energy 
                 loss, the stigma of being told that they're "ill", 
                 hence that their depression is a  problem to be 
                 eliminated,or that it has no potential value, 
                 meaning, or purpose.”
                          Maureen Roberts, Ph.D.
                                      Depression: Soul's Quest for Depth, 
                                      Meaning & Wholeness

Let us move away from the stigma and take the following steps:

1.     1.  Don’t panic. Don’t be afraid to be sad. It is alright to be afraid. Accept the emotions.

Painful experience in life is inevitable. We all experience  down moments 

where we become sad or  fearful. But some people are trained to deny sadness or fear because they are un-natural emotions. Some people are even frightened that they feel sad or fearful after experience loss or any tragedy in life.

Sadness, anger, or fear is a part of whole experience in life. Accepting the feeling that goes with a painful event is the key to healing. I know it is hard because these are all uncomfortable feeling. But this is also the process.  I have seen many clients whose face brightened up when I told them “ It’s ok to feel sad,” “ it’s ok to feel frustrated or angry, ” “ as long as you don’t harm yourself.” The truth is these low emotions are not illness but natural emotions in the process of life.

When my second daughter died, I have to tell myself over and over again that it is ok to feel sad. It is ok to grieve for two years or more as long as I still do what I need to do in life.  This acceptance of my emotions kept me going until I saw myself fully accepting the death and then later seeing things in a different light.

You may use the mantra “I feel this emotion, but I am not my emotion. I am a soul”. Or “I have this thought, but I am not my thoughts.  I am a soul.” We can translate these as, “I feel this anger (or nay emotion) but I am not my anger. I am a soul.” “I am fearful, but I am not the fear, I am a soul.”

1    2.   Take charge.

When we accept our emotions, we empower ourselves to take charge of our lives. Our thoughts start to move forward. We start to ask ourselves why we have those emotions and thoughts. And when we found the answers, we go into the process of acceptance and then later to the question of what can we do.

Those who couldn’t accept the low emotions, try to deny the emotions by engaging into harmful or addicted behavior. The real acceptance comes with the search how to make oneself better and whole again.

3.  Enhance your energies.

Emotion and thoughts are not physical matter. They are energy fields, a part of our subtle body as a human body called emotional and astral body. Hence, healing or treatments on the physical body alone can help but is not enough enough. Everything that we do on our physical body affects our physical body and energy fields, so take time to enhance more of our energy fields by doing the following:
a)   If you are a reiki practitioner or you do other energy healing, start healing yourself.
b)  Enhance your living space. Re arrange your home to welcome new flow of energy. Brighten up your place with colors, sounds or even scents.
c)  Take time to be in silence for 10-15 mins a day. Connect to yourself. Watch your breathing or watch your thought and emotions. Just watch without putting impressions. This will lead you into a calmer state and awakened with an expanded feeling.
d)  Wear bright colored clothing. Do not wallow on dark shade. Dark shade colors absorb emotions, but bright or light colors expand and move them.
e)   Eat food that energizes the body like natural or organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating  food with dead energy such as processed ones. And drink lots of water to wash out toxins.
f)    Bathe with the sun.  Sun is the center of our physical energies in this physical world.  Get the healthy far infra-red from 6am-8am.
g)   Exercise. Keep your body moving.  This can activate the energy centers in our physical body and release the happy hormone called endorphins.
h)   Avoid places with varied low energies like discos, bars, and the likes. Be with positive and happy people.
i)   Get enough sleep. Even if sometimes, it’s hard to sleep, just lie down and don’t be frustrated when you can’t. Just submit to the idea of closing eyes to sleep. Submission will allow your body to relax then later will put you into sleep.
j)   Get inspirations from reading, listening to music, playing and things that can make you happy without harming yourself. Avoid loud low energy music like rock, and the likes.

 4.      Accept the NEW YOU. Accept the change that is at hand

Nothing on earth is permanent. Everything changes, every minute, or every hour.  To try to be the same person like you were before, especially after a painful experience is an illusion.

The road to wholeness means accepting the good and the bad experiences of our lives. I always joke to people about life, saying one  when  has reached  the lowest stage, surely the next move is to go up. 

Being whole again means reinventing ourselves again after a loss. Asking ourselves about the meaning and challenge of the experience can bring us to the new image of ourselves. An experience can challenge us to be more courageous, more outspoken, loving to  ourselves  and others.  The challenges can give bring us to our new physical realities – new  aura, new look, new friends, and new environment. Hence, OUR NEW SELF IS BORN.

1    5.  Ask for help when needed.  

Find a confidant who will never judge you but just listen and  who will extend help when needed. It is an act of humility to ask help.  Sometimes the lesson for the experience is for us to learn how to receive and accept things that we can’t change.

2    6.   Most of all, connect to the Divine Creator.  The Divine Creator is taking you towards AWAKENING.

In my lecture on Soul Awakening and Spiritual Emergencies, I pointed out that soul awakening usually comes  from an experience that will lead the person to question about life and its essence. This questioning about life is usually accompanied with physical symptoms that we can relate as the physical signs of depression.

Soul Awakening means going back to our true nature and remembering that we are human being with a Soul. This also means realizing that everything in the universe is governed by Infinite laws beyond the physical universe. Above all, that we are one with the Divine God.

Psychiatrist Christina Groff, MD described a stage when a person can’t rightly assimilate the flow of light or the spiritual energy that comes with the spiritual awakening because of the following reasons:

     1)  the intellect is not well coordinated and developed;
     2)  when the emotions and imaginations are uncontrollable;
     3)  and the inrush of the spiritual energy is overwhelming.

Every major change  in our life is accompanied by an overwhelming experience. When we feel  alone and emotions are devastating, we are called ,to accept the structures of the unknown. We allow God to help us. After all, we are not really alone, God is with us. The lesson is about faith and trust.  When we accept the unknown, the magic begins. The unexpected and the  impossible can happen. 

We can do this by:

     a)   Working on our emotions and removing what blocks us. 
            Go to number 1.
     b)   Developing our higher functions, which mean developing 
           our spiritual senses, understanding the spiritual essence of 
           things. If you need help, seek the help of a 
           spiritual teacher or counselor.
     c)   Working on our Higher Essence which means 
           remembering that we are not only physical beings 
           but soul on our physical body. Hence, 
           the spirit is more important.

One of our higher functions of a human being is that we can control our emotions and lift them into a higher understanding. This is our difference  from animals. The reason why depression seems to be prevalent now is because the humanity is being called to develop our Higher functions on dealing with emotions. This  is a part of our human process to know how to control, direct and transform  our emotions and to develop our Higher Mind above all things that we face.

There is more to life, more to unfold. Fear nothing.

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I am deeply interested in Reiki Meditation. Can you suggest where can I get reiki classes here in Manila. Thank you so much

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Hi, Louzel! I am sorry that it took me sooo long to see your post. I hope that by this time, you have already seen a place fore Reiki Meditation. However, if you haven't by not, you may check White Space Yoga Studio in Katipunan. For address and contacts, you may google it. Blessings